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Inoue, Y.

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Inoue, Yasushi;   Inoue, Yo;   Inoue, Yoshihisa;   Inoue, Yoshio;   Inoue, Yoshitami;   Inoue, Youji;   Inoue, Yuichi;   Inoue, Yuko


Akagi, K.;   Ando, I.;   Ishimaru, I.;   Ishizaki, K.;   Nakamura, A.;   Osaka, I.;   Sanefuji, T.;   Shoji, A.;   Uematsu, I.;   Yasokawa, T.;   Yoshida, M.

Publication Titles

1985: Effect of pressure on the magnetic orientation of the poly(.gamma.-benzyl L-glutamate) liquid crystal as studied by proton NMR under high pressure
2002: Synthesis of liquid crystalline helical polythienylene derivatives with circularly polarized fluorescence
2005: Variable phase-contrast spectrometry for reconstructing the 3- dimensional distribution of components in single living cells

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