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Inoue, M.

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Inoue, Makoto;   Inoue, Manabu;   Inoue, Masaaki;   Inoue, Masafumi;   Inoue, Masakazu;   Inoue, Masami;   Inoue, Masaru;   Inoue, Masato;   Inoue, Masutaka;   Inoue, Mayumi;   Inoue, Michiko;   Inoue, Minoru;   Inoue, Mitsuo;   Inoue, Miyoko;   Inoue, Miyoshi


Akis, R.;   Bird, J.P.;   Ferry, D.K.;   Iwasaki, K.;   Kawai, H.;   Korai, Y.;   Kumano, A.;   Maeda, T.;   Maemoto, T.;   Mochida, I.;   Monobe, H.;   Moritake, H.;   Petrov, V.F.;   Ramamoorthy, A.;   Sasaki, Y.;   Shimizu, Y.;   Suzuki, Y.;   Toda, K.;   Ukon, M.;   Umezawa, H.;   Watanabe, T.;   Yoshino, K.

Publication Titles

1994: Modification of precursor pitch for general performance carbon fiber by blending naphthalene-derived isotropic and mesophase pitches
2001: Evaluation of Elastic Properties in Nematic Liquid Crystal using Elastic Wave Propagation
2001: Measurement of Electrorheology Effect of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal using a Shear-Horizontal Wave Delay Line Oscillator
2001: Observation of orientation dependence of electrorheology effect in ferroelectric liquid crystal using shear horizontal wave
2001: Performance of Shorter Periodical Domain of Nematic Liquid Crystal Induced by Elastic Wave Propagation
2002: Electrorheology Effect of Nematic Liquid Crystal Observed Under Shear Horizontal Wave Propagation
2002: Evaluation of nematic liquid-crystal director-orientation using shear horizontal wave propagation
2002: Propagation characteristics of a shear horizontal wave in a liquid-crystal cell having temperature-dependent phase states
2003: Signatures of dynamical tunneling in semiclassical quantum dots
2005: Fast charged carrier mobility of a triphenylene-based polymer film possessing nematic order
2006: Fabrication and properties of spatial light modulator with magneto-optical Faraday effect


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