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Ignes-Mullol, Jordi

Alternative Writings

Ignés-Mullol, Jordi

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Ignes-Mullol, J.;   Ignés-Mullol, J.


Abad, Enrique;   Albalat, Rosa;   Angels Vallve, M.;   Baudry, Jean;   Brugués, Jan;   Burriel, Patricia;   Casademunt, Jaume;   Claret, Josep;   Crusats, Joaquim;   Furtak, Thomas E.;   Lejcek, Lubor;   Lo, Yu-An;   Malone, Stephanie M.;   Oswald, Patrick;   Price, Andrew D.;   Reigada, Ramon;   Romero, Maria Teresa Martin;   Sagues, Francesc;   Sagués, Francesc;   Schwartz, Daniel K.

Publication Titles

1998: Pattern formation at a nematic-isotropic liquid crystal interface
1999: Formation of disclination lines near a free nematic interface
2000: Alignment of Hexatic Langmuir Monolayers under Shear
2000: Growth and melting of the nematic phase: Sample thickness dependence of the Mullins-Sekerka instability
2001: Formation and distribution of point defects on a disclination line near a free nematic interface
2001: Molecular Orientation in Langmuir Monolayers under Shear
2001: Shear-induced molecular precession in a hexatic Langmuir monolayer
2004: Collective Reorientation in Isolated Smectic-C Langmuir Monolayer Droplets Induced by Line Tension Anisotropy
2004: Influence of Temperature and Composition on the Mesoscopic Textures of Azobenzene Langmuir Monolayers
2004: Star Defects, Boojums, and Cardioid Droplet Shapes in Condensed Dimyristoylphosphatidylethanolamine Monolayers
2005: Backflow-Induced Asymmetric Collapse of Disclination Lines in Liquid Crystals
2005: Photoinduced molecular reorientation dynamics in confined domains of Langmuir monolayers
2005: Photoswitchable Orientational Patterns of Confined Domains in Monolayers
2005: Texture Changes inside Smectic-C Droplets in Azobenzene Langmuir Monolayers
2006: Collective Molecular Precession Induced by Rotating Illumination in Photosensitive Langmuir Monolayers
2008: Probing Elastic Anisotropy from Defect Dynamics in Langmuir Monolayers
2009: Liquid crystal anchoring transformations induced by phase transitions of a photoisomerizable surfactant at the nematic/aqueous interface


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