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Idziak, S.H.J.

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Idziak, Stefan H.J.


Blasie, J.K.;   Carroll, P.;   Davidson, P.;   Guthrie, S.E.;   Heiney, P.A.;   Israelachvili, J.N.;   Kisilak, M.;   Koltover, I.;   Li, Y.;   Liang, K.S.;   Maliszewskyj, N.C.;   Marangoni, A.G.;   Mazzanti, G.;   McCauley, J.P.;   Mugford, C.;   Potvin, G.;   Ruths, M.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Sirota, E.B.;   Smith, A.B.;   Steinberg, S.;   Vaughan, G.B.M.;   Veldhuis, L.;   Welch, S.E.

Publication Titles

1992: Langmuir Films and Conductivity of Discogenic Molecules
1993: Phase diagram of hexa-n-alkylthiotriphenylenes
1995: Study of flow in a smectic liquid crystal in the x-ray surface forces apparatus
1995: The application of the x-ray surface forces apparatus (XSFA) to studies of confined complex fluid systems
1996: Alignment of complex fluids under confinement and flow
2001: Undulating membrane structure under mixed extensional-shear flow
2003: Orientation and Phase Transitions of Fat Crystals under Shear


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