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Iannelli, P.

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Iannelli, Pio


Acierno, D.;   Apicella, A.;   Capasso, R.;   Carfagna, C.;   Carotenuto, M.;   Caruso, U.;   Denn, M.M.;   Di Maio, L.;   Fresa, R.;   Friedrich, C.;   Immirzi, A.;   Kalika, D.S.;   Masciocchi, N.;   Nicodemo, L.;   Nicolais, L.;   Noöl, C.;   Parrish, W.;   Roviello, A.;   Russo, R.;   Shen, M.-R.;   Sirigu, A.;   Spadaro, G.;   Staulo, G.;   Vacca, P.;   Valenza, A.;   Vittoria, V.;   Yoon, D.Y.;   Yu, X.-M.;   de Candia, F.

Publication Titles

1982: Liquid crystal behavior of linear copolymers. I
1982: Liquid crystal behavior of linear copolymers. II
1982: Molar melting enthalpy in an homologous series of mesophasic polymers
1985: Mesophasic properties of low molecular weight analogues of nematogenic polycarbonates
1985: Orientational order in the nematic phase of low molecular weight analogues of nematic polymers
1986: Dimensional stability of polystyrene/polymeric liquid crystal blends
1987: Molecular orientation in liquid fibers of nematic polymers
1988: Crystal structure of a mesogenic copper(II) square-planar complex bis[N-p-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl-p-(n-heptyloxy)salicylaldiminato]copper(I I)
1988: Crystallization of oriented smectic polypropylene. I. Thermally induced crystallization
1988: Molecular orientation in drawn smectic and crystalline isotactic polypropylene
1989: Bis{4-(heptyloxy)-N-[p-(hexyloxy)phenyl]salicylideneaminato}palladium(II)
1990: Bis[2-(ethylimino-.kappa.N-methyl)-5-(hexyloxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenolato-.kappa.O]copper(II)
1990: Structural, dielectric, and rheological characterization of a thermotropic polyester displaying smectic A, nematic, and isotropic phases
1991: Structural, dielectric, and rheological characterization of thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyesters based on 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl, terephthalic acid, and isophthalic acid
2000: Macro-oriented network of liquid-crystalline polyesters: crosslinking induced by .gamma.-irradiation and thermally activated reaction
2000: Segmented liquid-crystalline polyesters with allyl groups as lateral substituents. Synthesis and characterization


Acta Cryst. C, 45, 879
Acta Cryst. C, 46, 2031
Colloid Polym. Sci., 266, 608
Eur. Polym. J., 18, 745
Eur. Polym. J., 18, 753
Eur. Polym. J., 18, 759
J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Phys., 25, 2431
J. Therm. Anal., 30, 1317
Liq. Cryst., 3, 115
Macromolecules, 18, 2773
Macromolecules, 23, 5192
Macromolecules, 24, 3413
Polym. Eng. Sci., 26, 600
Polym. Eng. Sci., 28, 974
Polymer, 41, 4179
Polymer, 41, 6647

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