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Hyde, S.T.

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Hyde, Stephen T.


Andersson, Sten;   Barois, P.;   Corkery, R.W.;   Eidam, D.;   Engblom, Johan;   Ericsson, Bodil;   Fogden, A.;   Larsson, Kåre;   Lidin, S.;   Ninham, B.W.;   Radlinska, E.Z.;   Schroder, G.E.

Publication Titles

1984: A cubic structure consisting of a lipid bilayer forming an infinite periodic minimum surface of the gyroid type in the glycerolmonooleate-water system
1987: A construction algorithm for minimal surfaces
1989: Microstructure of bicontinuous surfactant aggregates
1989: Specific heat is a useful indicator of microstructural variation in surfactant solutions
1990: Curvature and the global structure of interfaces in surfactant-water systems
1990: Exact construction of periodic minimal surfaces: the I-WP surface and its isometries
1990: On the variation of microstructure within surfactant solutions
1990: X-ray study of cubic phases in ternary systems of surfactant DDAB, water and oil
1995: On swelling and structure of composite materials. Some theory and applications of lyotropic mesophases
1995: On the swelling of bicontinuous lyotropic mesophases
1996: On the Swelling of Amphiphiles in Water
1997: Swelling and Structure. Analysis of the Topology and Geometry of Lamellar and Sponge Lyotropic Mesophases
1997: Topological transformations mediated by bilayer punctures: from sponge phases to bicontinuous monolayers and reversed sponges
1998: Hexagonal mesophases . Honeycomb, froth, mesh, or sponge?
1999: Continuous transformations of cubic minimal surfaces
2003: Novel surfactant mesostructural topologies: between lamellae and columnar (hexagonal) forms
2005: Liquid crystals


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