Index Name

Hwang, Seong Jin

Alternative Writings

Hwang, Seong J.

Similar Names

Hwang, S.J.


Beom, Tae Won;   Cui, Hao;   Jang, Won-Gun;   Kim, Hyung-Sun;   Kim, Kyeong-Hyeon;   Kim, Sung Min;   Kim, Yu-Jin;   Lee, Myong-Hoon;   Lee, Seung-Hee;   Lim, Young Jin;   Lu, Rui-Bo;   Lyu, Jae-Jin;   Park, Jong Rak;   Park, Mi-Kyoung;   Srivastava, Anoop Kumar;   Wu, Shin-Tson

Publication Titles

2007: Devitrification of Bismuth Oxide Seal Frit for Back-Light Unit Lamp in LCD
2008: Reduction of Viewing-Angle Dependent Color Shift in a Reflective Type Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Color Filter
2008: Surface Polymer-Stabilized Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystal Cells with Various Polymer Wall Structures

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