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Hu, Zhijun

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Hu, Z.;   Hu, Zijun


Demoustier-Champagne, Sophie;   Du, Binyang;   Gence, Loik;   He, Tianbai;   Hofkens, Johan;   Huang, Haiying;   Jonas, Alain M.;   Melinte, Sorin;   Muls, Benoit;   Nysten, Bernard;   Serban, Dana A.;   Zhang, Fajun

Publication Titles

2003: Morphology and Structures of Self-Assembled Symmetric Poly(di-n-alkylsilanes)
2004: Thickness-Dependent Molecular Chain and Lamellar Crystal Orientation in Ultrathin Poly(di-n-hexylsilane) Films
2007: High-Throughput Fabrication of Organic Nanowire Devices with Preferential Internal Alignment and Improved Performance

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