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Huang, Yuan-Ming

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Huang, Y.M.;   Huang, Yuanming

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Huang, Y.-M.


Chen, Hong-Zheng;   Chen, Lan-Li;   Cheuk, Kevin K.;   Ge, Weikun;   Guo, Ye-tang;   Huang, Chong;   Kong, Xiang-Xing;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lam, Jacky W.;   Lam, Jacky W.Y.;   Lam, Wing Yip;   Lee, Priscilla P.S.;   Lin, Xu-sheng;   Liu, Wei-Wei;   Ma, Qing-lan;   Ouyang, Yan-dong;   Salhi, Fouad;   Tang, Ben Z.;   Tang, Ben-Zhong;   Wan, Xin-Hua;   Wang, Mang;   Wu, Yong-jun;   Xu, Rui-Song;   Zhai, Bao-Gai;   Zhou, Fu-Fang;   Zhou, Xue-ping

Publication Titles

1999: Liquid crystalline polyacetylenes: a new class of mesomorphic materials with novel optical and electronic properties
2000: Liquid crystalline polyacetylenes with tunable luminescent properties
2000: Origin of the blue emission from poly(1-phenyl-2-alkynes) and poly(phenylacetylenes)
2001: Influence of electric field on the photoluminescence of a liquid crystalline monosubstituted polyacetylene
2006: Correlation of liquid crystal alignments on gratings with the thickness of liquid crystal films
2006: Study on photoelectric dispersion characteristic of liquid crystal light valve
2009: Effects of Photo-Irradiation on the Optical Properties and Electronic Structures of an Azo-Containing Bent-Core Liquid Crystal
2009: Electronic Structure Calculation of Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystals
2009: Fractal Features of Growing Aggregates from Isotropic Melt of a Chiral Bent-Core Liquid Crystal
2009: Origin of the Deep Blue Photoluminescence of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer Poly[(4-Hexylcarbonyl-Biphenyl-4'-Oxy)-1-Propyne]
2010: A smart bent-core liquid crystal to write Chinese characters
2010: An easy way to make liquid crystal cells for laboratory uses
2010: Blue light emission from a rod-like liquid crystal
2010: Concentration-dependent light scattering in lyotropic liquid crystal formed by sodium dodecyl sulfonate
2010: Dependence of optical properties of UV-curable sealant on amount of catalyst N,N-dimethylbenzylamine
2010: Diffraction equation for one-dimensional gratings self-assembled by banana-shaped liquid crystals
2010: Effects of cyclic heating and cooling on the banana-phase growing behaviors of banana-shaped liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(4-octylphenylimino)methyl]benzoate
2010: Effects of red and green laser irradiations on the optical properties of an azo-containing bent-core liquid crystal
2010: Electronic transitions in a classical antiferroelectric banana-shaped compound
2010: Groove-free optical gratings self-assembled by banana-shaped molecules
2010: Influence of cooling rates on phase transitions of bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(hexylcarboloxy)benzylideneamine]
2010: Ionic conductivity induced loss of birefringence of banana-shaped liquid crystal
2010: Key Engineering Materials
2010: Laser diffractions in lyotropic liquid crystal formed by sodium dodecyl sulfonate
2010: Mesomorphic properties of three-benzene-ring containing bent-core liquid crystals 1, 3-phenylene-bis[4-(alkylcarboyloxyl)benzylideneamine]
2010: Optical absoption and light emission of a banana-shaped liquid crystal
2010: Optical properties and electronic structures of sexithiophene
2010: Optical switching properties of an azo-containing banana-shaped liquid crystal
2010: Periodically birefringent thin films grown out of the isotropic phase of a bent-core banana-shaped liquid crystal
2010: Photo-instability in a binary mixture of banana-shaped and rod-shaped liquid crystals
2010: Photochemistry in an azo-containing banana-shaped liquid crystal
2010: Photostability of an antiferroelectric banana-shaped liquid crystal
2010: Purple photoluminescence from banana-shaped molecules 1,3-phenylene bis(4-methoxybenzylideneamine)
2010: Synthesis and characterization of a cholesteric liquid crystal cholesteryl nonanoate
2010: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of three-benzene-ring containing bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(nonylcarboyloxyl) benzylideneamine]
2010: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of three-ring containing bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis(4-butoxybenzylideneamine)
2010: Synthesis and properties of UV-curable sealant for LCD panels
2010: Synthesis of small silicate spacers for ferroelectric liquid crystal displays


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