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Huang, X.

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Huang, Xia;   Huang, Xianbo;   Huang, Xianhe;   Huang, Xiaosong;   Huang, Xin;   Huang, Xinfan;   Huang, Xinhui;   Huang, Xinjiang;   Huang, Xinmin;   Huang, Xu;   Huang, Xuejie;   Huang, Xueying;   Hung, X.


Bergersen, B.;   Guo, J.;   He, L.;   He, T.;   Jin, C.;   Li, B.;   Li, J.;   Ling, Z.;   Lu, A.;   Ma, K.;   Ma, Z.;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Pang, X.;   Racz, Z.;   Ren, H.;   Shao, X.;   Tian, Y.;   Tsunoda, I.;   Wang, Q.;   Wang, Z.;   Wen, Q.;   Wu, Y.;   Yuan, J.;   Zhao, W.

Publication Titles

1992: Electrooptical Properties of NnLC-Cell Aligned by L-B Films
1992: Filaments in Liquid Crystals: Structure and Dynamics
1997: 4th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'97), Nagoya
1997: A New Colorfilter with Negative Birefringence
1997: A PDLC Film with High Contrast, Fast Response and Very Little Hysteresis for Light Shutter Displays
1997: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films with Good E-O Property Fabricated by Fast-Cooling Method
1997: Progress of Liquid Crystal and Liquid Crystal Display Studies in China


14th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Pisa, 1992, G
14th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Pisa, 1992, J
4th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'97), Nagoya, 1997, PLC2
Eur. Conf. Liq. Cryst., Zakopane, 1997, D
Eur. Conf. Liq. Cryst., Zakopane, 1997, O

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