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Huang, Ho-Chi

Alternative Writings

Huang, H.-C.

Similar Names

Huang, H.C.


Chen, Jun;   Cheng, Po-Wing;   Chigrinov, Vladimir G.;   Huang, Dan-Ding;   Kwok, Hoi S.;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Li, Hing L.;   Li, KuenKuen;   Yu, Fei-Hong;   Zhang, Bao-Long

Publication Titles

1998: Frame sequential miniature silicon display using mixed-mode twisted nematic liquid crystal
1998: Reflective supertwisted nematic liquid crystals displays
2000: Broadband large-acceptance-angle polarizing beam splitters for reflective LCD projectors
2000: High-contrast SXGA silicon light valves for high-definition video projectors
2000: Two-Dimensional Optical Analysis of Small Pixels in Reflective Silicon Microdisplay
2005: Application of Photoalignment Technology to Liquid-Crystal-on-Silicon Microdisplays
2005: Three-dimensional optical modeling and optimizations of color filter liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplays


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