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Huang, C.-Y.

Alternative Writings

Huang, C.Y.

Similar Names

Huang, C.-J.;   Huang, Chi-Yen;   Huang, Chia-Yi;   Huang, Chien-Yueh;   Huang, S.-Y.


Chang, S.-J.;   Chen, J.-M.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Chu, P.;   Crandall, K.A.;   Fisch, M.R.;   Fuh, A.;   Fuh, A.Y.-G.;   Fuh, Andy Ying-Guey;   Hwang, J.-S.;   Jin, A.J.;   Ko, T.-C.;   Lee, Chia-Rong;   Lin, C.-H.;   Lin, G.-L.;   Mahajan, M.P.;   Mo, Ting-Shan;   Percec, Virgil;   Petschek, R.G.;   Rosenblatt, C.;   Sheu, C.-R.;   Tsai, M.-S.;   Tzen, B.-W.

Publication Titles

1995: Degenerate four-wave mixing process and switchable grating/hologram formation in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
1995: Raman studies of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
1995: Studies of polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal texture films
1996: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films for storing optical holographic images
1998: Dynamical studies of gratings formed in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
1998: Highly anisotropic elasticity of a dendrimeric liquid crystal
2002: Polymer-Stabilized Reflective Fingerprint Cholesteric Texture Grating
2004: Quételet-type Interference from Liquid Crystal Polymer Dispersion Films


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Chin. J. Phys. (Taipei), 33, 291
Chin. J. Phys. (Taipei), 33, 547
Chin. J. Phys. (Taipei), 33, 645
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