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Hsu, E.C.

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Hsu, C.C.;   Hsu, Edward C.


Blumstein, A.;   Blumstein, R.B.;   Clough, S.B.;   Lim, L.K.;   Osada, Y.;   Patel, L.

Publication Titles

1975: Crystallinity and order in polymers with mesomorphic or potentially mesomorphic side groups
1975: Oriented Polymer Growth in Thermotropic Mesophases
1976: Crystallinity and Order in Atactic Poly(acryloyoxybenzoic acid) and Poly(methacryloyoxybenzoic acid)
1976: Structure and thermal Expansion of some Polymers with Mesomorphic Ordering
1977: Liquid Crystalline Order in Polymers with Cholesteric Side Groups
1977: Liquid crystalline order in polymers with cholesteric side groups
1977: Liquid-Crystalline Order in Polymers and Co-polymers with Cholesteric Sidegroups
1977: Polymerization of a nematic monomer: N-(p-cyanobenzylidene)-p-aminostyrene)
1978: Liquid crystalline order in polymers and copolymers with cholesteric side groups


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