Index Name

Hong, X.-J.

Alternative Writings

Hong, X.J.;   Hong, X.j.

Similar Names

Hong, Xi-Jun


Blumstein, A.;   Blumstein, R.B.;   Fen, Z.R.;   Gauthier, M.M.;   Ge, M.J.;   Li, L.-S.;   Liu, Z.J.;   Ratto, J.A.;   Stupp, S.I.;   Zhao, X.M.

Publication Titles

1983: Ortho-cyano-substituted negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals
1989: Oligo-side chain liquid crystal polymers: comb polymers with long chiral teeth
1990: On the characterization of main-chain liquid-crystalline oligomers based on trans-1,4-cyclohexylene di-p-hydroxybenzoate
1996: Novel liquid crystalline structures of a chiral side chain polymer and its phase transitions

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