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Hochapfel, Ambjörg

Alternative Writings

Hochapfel, A.;   Hochapfel, Ambjoerg;   Hochapfel, Ambjorg


Berchet, D.;   Berchet, Daniele;   Betrencourt, C.;   Billard, J.;   Boidart, M.;   Boidart, Monique;   El Abed, A.;   Gaspard, S.;   Gaspard, Serge;   Grabielle-Madelmont, C.;   Grabielle-Madelmont, Cecile;   Hasmonay, H.;   Hasmonay, Hans;   Hiver, Jean A.;   Laurent, M.;   Laurent, Michel;   Lecoin, D.;   Lecoin, Danielle;   Luz, Z.;   Ollivon, M.;   Ollivon, Michel;   Peretti, P.;   Peretti, Pierre;   Perron, R.;   Petit, J.;   Tahir, A.;   Viovy, R.;   Viovy, Roger;   Zimmermann, H.

Publication Titles

1970: Variation of the viscosity of the nematic metamorphous phase as a function of temperature
1971: Orientation of chlorophyll in a nematic liquid crystal
1971: Polymorphism of a cinnamic acid-derived nematic compound
1973: Orientation of dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
1975: Behavior of the nematic phase in polymerization reactions
1975: Synthesis of new mesomorphic compounds of the series of p-(p-alkoxyphenylazo)phenyl esters
1976: Synthesis of new mesomorphic compounds of p-alkoxyphenylazoxy-p'-phenyl esters
1977: p-Alkoxyphenylazoxy-p'-phenyl esters and their use as liquid crystals
1978: Study of the crystal polymorphism of new liquid crystals by differential calorimetry
1979: A new lyomesophase
1980: A lyotropic phase from tetracarboxylated copperphthalocyanines
1980: Optical properties of lyotropic nematic phases
1981: Thermal stability in relation to hydrolysis of sodium decylsulfate in a solution with nematic lyotropic properties
1984: Demixing of nematic lyophases
1984: Instability of a nematic lyophase
1984: Instability of nematic lyophases.Effect of the surfactant-cosurfactant ratio
1984: Interferencial methods for measures of low birefringence in homeotropic liquid crystals
1987: The nematic lyophases NC+, NC-, ND+, and ND- as hosts for Orange-red and pheophytin a in model systems
1988: An actualized survey of micellar nematic lyophases
1989: An actualized survey of micellar cholesteric lyophases
1989: The nematic lyophases NC+, NC-, ND- as hosts for chlorophyll a in model systems
1990: Interaction between carboxylic salt and alcohol from long chained molecules in mixed Langmuir monolayers. Relations with nematic aggregate formation in lyotropic solutions
1992: Some pyramidic liquid crystal Langmuir films at the air-water interface
1995: Interaction between ionophores and biomimetic membranes
1995: Lasalocid and Monensin: Aggregation at the Lipid-Water Interface in Mixed Films
1999: Antibiotic-Phospholipid Interactions as Studied by DSC and X-ray Diffraction
1999: Langmuir Films of Pure Antibiotic Ionophores and of Mixtures with Phospholipid at Different Temperatures


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