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Hinrichsen, G.

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Hinrichsen, Georg;   Hinrichsen, H.


Dany, R.;   Gähde, J.;   Koßmehl, Gerhard;   Kwiatkowski, M.;   Mansmann, U.;   Meretz, S.;   Mix, R.;   Pohl, M.-M.;   Rötting, O.;   Schleeh, T.;   Simitzis, J.;   Stamboulis, A.;   Wang, H.

Publication Titles

1990: A new banded texture in sheared thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
1991: Computer analysis of morphology and distribution of finely dispersed liquid crystal domains in a conventional matrix polymer
1991: Production and characterization of fine-dispersed mixtures of liquid-crystalline with conventional polymers
1992: Spontaneous film formation from a polymer solution
1995: Quasi-continuous fibrils in blends of liquid crystalline and thermoplastic polymers at low LCP concentration
1996: Effect of doping systems, heat, and time on the electrical conductivity of poly-p-phenylenes
1996: Miscibility of a liquid crystalline polyurethane with common segmented polyurethanes
1996: Urethane elastomers/liquid crystalline polyurethane blends
1997: Influence of processing temperature on morphological and mechanical properties of a polycarbonate/thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer (PC/TLCP) blend
1997: Rheological conditions for the development of fibrils in blends of liquid crystalline and conventional polymers


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