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Hiltrop, K.

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Hiltrop, Karl


Berger, K.;   Blümel, Th.;   Fischer, F.;   Forsch, F.;   Geschke, D.;   Göbel, S.;   Göbel, Stefan;   Hasse, J.;   Henkel, G.;   Hoischen, Andreas;   Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried;   Onusseit, H.;   Pape, M.;   Partyka, J.;   Porsch, F.;   Segemeyer, H.;   Seshadri, T.;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Stöckel, F.;   Winkler, M.

Publication Titles

1976: Radial Poiseuille flow of a homeotropic nematic LC layer
1978: Alignment of liquid crystals by amphiphilic monolayers
1978: Contact angles and alignment of liquid crystals on lecithin monolayers
1978: Untersuchungen zum Mechanismus der Orientierung von Flüssigkristallen an monomolekularen Filmen
1981: On the orientation of liquid crystals by monolayers of amphiphilic molecules
1984: Electric field effects in cholesteric blue phases
1984: Electric field-induced birefringence in liquid-crystalline blue phases
1984: On the Influence of Electric Fields on Blue Phases
1984: On the Orientation of Liquid Crystals by Monolayers of Amphiphilic Molecules
1986: Reply to the comment of Pieranski and Cladis on "the effect of an electric field on the selective reflection bands of liquid crystalline blue phases"
1986: Thermodynamic, structural and morphological studies on liquid-crystalline blue phases
1987: BBBA: no evidence of a nematic/nematic phase transition
1990: Iridescent Colours and Liquid Crystalline Behaviour of a Surfactant / Water System at Very High Dilution
1991: Influence of organic counterions on the structure of lyotropic mesophases
1992: Correlation between Ionic Surfactant Properties and the Existence of a Lyotropic Nematic Phase
1992: From Anionic to Cationic Surfactants Formation of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
1993: Strukturen wässriger Cyaninfarbstofflösungen
1994: Lyotropic liquid crystals
1994: On the alignment of thermotropic nematic and smectic liquid crystals on lecithin coated surfaces
1996: Characterization of structural transitions in the SLS/decanol/water system
1996: On chirality induction in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals
1997: 65th Bunsen-Kolloquium, "Lyotropic Liquid Crystals" held at Pederborn, Germany, 14-15 October 1996
1997: Influence of lyotropic nematic host phases on the twisting power of chiral dopants
1997: The alignment of a thermotropic nematic LCP on lecithin coated surfaces as detected by NMR
2005: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of swallow-tailed mesogens bearing N-Benzoyl-N-Arylthiourea Ligands


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