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Hervet, H.


Chaikin, P.M.;   Dianoux, A.J.;   Dozier, B.;   Heidemann, A.;   Hurault, J.P.;   Lagomarsino, S.;   Lechner, R.E.;   Leger, L.;   Lindsay, H.M.;   Rondelez, F.;   Ruchichelli, F.;   Rustichelli, F.;   Urbach, W.;   Volino, F.

Publication Titles

1973: Static one-dimensional distortions in cholesteric liquid crystals
1974: Uniaxial rotational diffusion in the smectic B phase of TBBA terephthalbis(butylaniline) observed by quasielastic neutron scattering
1975: Direct measurement of tilt angle in smectic mesophases by neutron diffraction
1975: End chain motion in the solid phase of TBBA
1975: Incoherent scattering law for neutron quasielastic scattering in liquid crystals
1975: Nature of the molecular alignment in a smectic-H phase
1975: Neutron quasielastic scattering study of translational motions in the smectic H, C, and A phases of TBBA [terephthal-bis-butylaniline]
1976: Direct measurement of tilt angle in smectic mesophases by neutron diffraction
1976: Neutron diffraction from a smectic A monodomain
1976: Neutron quasi-elastic scattering study of rotational motions in the smectic C, H and VI phases of terephthal-bis(butylaniline) (TBBA)
1976: Self-diffusion and undulation modes in a Smectic A liquid crystal. A high-resolution neutron-scattering study
1976: Smectic H-smectic VI pretransitional effect by orientational ordering in TBBA
1977: Incoherent neutron quasi-elastic scattering (NQES) as a tool to study molecular ordering in liquid crystals
1977: The problem of orientational order in tilted smectic phases: a high resolution neutron quasi-elastic scattering study
1978: A sensitive optical grating method for flash photolysis: application to the CIS-trans photochemical isomerization of azo dyes
1978: Mass diffusion measurements in liquid crystals by a novel optical method
1978: Origin of thermal conductivity anisotropy in liquid crystalline phases
1978: Thermal diffusivity measurements in nematic and smectic phases by forced Rayleigh light scattering
1980: Transport properties in liquid crystals
1983: Thermal diffusivity in mesophases: a systematic study in 4-4'-di-(n-alkoxy)azoxybenzenes
1984: Self Diffusion constant and viscosity of charged Polystyrene Colloids
1985: On the application of forced Rayleigh light scattering to mass diffusion measurements


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