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Hermann, David S.

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Hermann, D.S.;   Hermann, David;   Hermann, David Sparre


Abbate, Giancarlo;   Alkeskjold, Thomas Tanggaard;   Anawati, A.;   Arntzen, Per-Otto;   Bjarklev, Anders;   Broeng, Jes;   Busson, Philippe;   Chandani, A.D.L.;   D'havé, Koen;   Eriksson, Anders;   Fukuda, Atsuo;   Gedde, Ulf W.;   Hult, Anders;   Ishikawa, Ken;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Lagerwall, Sven T.;   Lindgren, Mikael;   Mormile, Pasquale;   Park, Byoungchoo;   Rudquist, Per;   Sahlén, Fredrik;   Sambles, J. Roy;   Scalia, Giusy;   Seomun, San-Seong;   Stebler, Bengt;   Takanishi, Yoichi;   Takezoe, Hideo;   Trollsås, Mikael;   de Marco, F.;   Örtegren, Jonas

Publication Titles

1998: Influence of molecular tilt angle on the SHG response of pyroelectric liquid crystal polymers
1998: Langevin type alignment in a smectic liquid crystal mixture showing V-shaped switching as studied by optical second-harmonic generation
1998: Optical anisotropy of pyroelectric liquid crystalline polymer films: Numerical modeling and m-line characterization
1998: Second-harmonic light generation in pyroelectric liquid -crystal polymers
1999: Electro-optic and opto-optic effects in liquid crystal waveguides
1999: Time-dependent nonlinear optical properties of pyroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
2002: Fully leaky guided mode study of an orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell deviating from perfect horizontal surface stabilization
2002: Second-Harmonic Generation from the Flexoelectrooptic Effect
2005: Tuning in on liquid crystal-infiltrated photonic crystal fibers: optics and materials


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