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Helfrich, W.

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Helfrich, Wolfgang


Bagordo, G.;   Bock, H.;   Deuling, H.J.;   Harbich, W.;   Heilmeier, G.H.;   Hentschel, M.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hosemann, R.;   Klösgen, B.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Kummrow, M.;   Lötzsch, Detlef;   Mutz, M.;   Müller, M.;   Niggemann, G.;   Oh, Chan S.;   Pinnow, H.A.;   Rapp, G.;   Sawade, Hans;   Schadt, M.;   Schmidt, D.;   Servuss, R.-M.;   Servuss, R.M.;   Stocker, W.;   Thimmel, J.;   Winterhalter, M.

Publication Titles

1968: Alignment-inversion walls in nematic liquid crystals in the presence of a magnetic field
1969: Alignment-Inversion Walls in Nematic Liquid Crystals in the Presence of a Magnetic Field.
1969: Capillary flow of cholesteric and smectic liquid crystals
1969: Conduction-induced alignment of nematic liquid crystals: basic model and stability considerations
1969: Molecular theory of flow alignment of nematic liquid crystals
1969: Orientation pattern of domains in nematic p-azoxyanisole
1970: Capillary Viscometry of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
1970: Deformation of cholesteric liquid crystals with low threshold voltage
1970: Effect of electric fields on the temperature of phase transitions of liquid crystals
1970: Erratum: conduction-induced alignment of nematic liquid crystals: basic model and stability considerations
1970: Orientational oscillations in nematic liquid crystals
1970: Torques in sheared nematic liquid crystals: simple model in terms of the theory of dense fluids
1971: Birefringence of nematogenic liquids caused by electrical conduction
1971: Electrohydrodynamic and dielectric instabilities of cholesteric liquid crystals
1971: Optically active smectic liquid crystal
1971: Simple method to observe the piezoelectricity of liquid crystals
1971: Strength of piezoelectricity in liquid crystals
1971: Voltage-dependent optical activity of a twisted nematic liquid crystal
1972: Dielektrische und krümmungselektrische Effekte nematischer Flüssigkristalle
1972: Flow alignment of weakly ordered nematic liquid crystals
1972: Kerr effect in the isotropic phase of some nematogenic compounds
1972: Liquid-crystalline piezoelectricity; the bending mode of MBBA [N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline]
1972: Orienting action of sound on nematic liquid crystals
1973: Electric alignment of liquid crystals
1973: Lipid bilayer spheres: Deformation and birefringence in magnetic fields
1973: Possible chromatographic effect of liquid-crystalline permeation
1974: Eine Hysterese in der Deformation Homoeotroper Nematischer Schichten
1974: Elasticity and hydrodynamics of liquid crystals
1974: Hysteresis in the deformation of nematic liquid crystal layers with homeotropic orientation
1974: Inherent bounds to the elasticity and flexoelectricity of liquid crystals
1974: Polarity-dependent electro-optical effect of nematic liquid crystals
1974: Ripples in tilted bilayers and lyotropic smectics
1974: The size of bilayer vesicles generated by sonication
1975: Macroscopic features. d) Biological Systems: Some theoretical shapes of red blood cells
1976: Applications of liquid crystals
1976: Defect model of the solid-to-smectic B phase transition
1976: Optical studies of lecithin-membrane melting
1978: Defect model of the smectic A-nematic phase transition
1979: Structure of liquid crystals, especially ordered in two dimensions
1980: Direct x-ray study of the molecular tilt in dipalmitoyllecithin bilayers
1980: Three-dimensional classification of liquid crystals in terms of fluidity and defects
1984: The swelling of egg lecithin in water
1986: Size distributions of vesicles: the role of the effective rigidity of membranes
1987: Effect of voltage on pores in membranes
1987: Material properties of smectic layers and the formation of modulated and cubic smectic phases
1989: Hats and saddles in lipid membranes
1989: Mutual adhesion of lecithin membranes at ultralow tensions
1990: Giant membranes of swollen phosphatidylethanolamines and glycolipids
1990: Phases of egg phosphatidylcholine in an abundance of water
1992: First Ferroelectrically Switchable Columnar Liquid Crystal
1994: Lyotropic lamellar phases
1995: The Bending Rigidity of Phosphatidylcholine Bilayers: Dependences on Experimental Method, Sample Cell Sealing and Temperature
1996: Collapse of giant phosphatidylcholine vesicles
1997: Structural Investigations on a Ferroelectrically Switchable Columnar Liquid Crystal
1998: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
1999: The fragmented state of lipid bilayers in water: Discovery of a lower consolute point
2000: Effect of thermal undulations on the bending elasticity and spontaneous curvature of fluid membranes


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