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Heinrich, B.

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Heinrich, Benoit;   Heinrich, Benoît;   Heinrich, V.


Allouchi, H.;   Bazuin, C.G.;   Bronnikova, A.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Catala, L.;   Corsellis, E.;   Cotrait, M.;   Cruz, C.;   Diele, Siegmar;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Fletcher, I.D.;   Frere, Y.;   Galin, J.C.;   Galin, M.;   Gallani, J.L.;   Gramain, Ph.;   Guillon, D.;   Haristoy, D.;   Hauck, G.;   Kimoto, T.;   Koswig, H.D.;   Mager, L.;   Masson, P.;   Mathis, A.;   Mery, S.;   Monobe, H.;   Nakayama, K.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nicoud, J.F.;   Noack, F.;   Oikawa, K.;   Omenat, A.;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Schröder, M.W.;   Sebastiao, P.;   Sebastiao, P.J.;   Sebastião, P.J.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Shimizu, Y.;   Skoulios, A.;   Smirnova, A.;   Tsuchiya, K.;   Usol'tseva, Nadejda;   Vatagin, V.;   Yokoyama, M.

Publication Titles

1993: Ph. D. Thesis Strasbourg
1993: Quaternized Polyethyleneimine with Liquid-Crystalline Properties
1995: Progress and Generalizations in Studies on the N1 <-> N2 Phase Transition in Mixtures of Disc-Like Tetra-Metallo Organyls and Apolar Organic Solvents
1995: Relationships between the Crystalline and the Smectic C Structures of a Biforked Mesogen
1995: Tilt angle variation as a function of chain length and temperature in the smectic C phases of p-alkoxyphenyl p-alkoxybenzoates
1996: Molecular dynamics in the columnar and lamellar mesophases of a liquid crystal of biforked molecules
1996: On the nematic-nematic phase transition in mixtures composed of sheet-shaped palladium organyls and apolar organic solvents
1997: The stabilization of smectic A phases in mixtures of twinned-calamitic, metal organic complexes with 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorenone
1998: Phase behavior of some homologous tetrapalladium organyls in pentadecane
1998: Thermotropic lamellar-to-columnar phase transition exhibited by a biforked compound
1999: Ferroelectric side group liquid crystalline polysiloxanes containing a chiral sulfinate derivative
1999: Langmuir films of N-alkylpyridinium alkylsulphates
1999: Long alkyl chain dimethylammonioalkoxydicyanoethenolates as new zwitterionic thermotropic liquid crystals
2000: Structural study of smectic A phases in homologous series of N-alkylpyridinium alkylsulphates
2000: Structure and photoconductive behavior of a sanidic liquid crystal
2002: Preliminary in situ X-ray diffraction measurements of UV-induced photomechanical effects in a mesogenic material
2002: Structural study of a smectic C phase of biforked molecules
2003: Rectangular to hexagonal columnar phase transition exhibited by a biforked mesogen
2007: Mesophase semiconductors and the field effect transistors


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