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Heiney, P.A.

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Heiney, Paul A.


Balagurusamy, V.S.K.;   Barois, P.;   Bera, T.K.;   Blasie, J.K.;   Carroll, P.;   Chami, M.;   Cho, W.-D.;   Dahn, U.;   Duan, H.;   Erdelen, C.;   Festag, R.;   Fontes, E.;   Glodde, M.;   Haseltine, J.L.;   Holt, D.B.;   Hudson, S.D.;   Idziak, S.H.J.;   Kita-Tokarczyk, K.;   Lee, W.-K.;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Maliszewskyj, N.;   Maliszewskyj, N.C.;   McCauley, J.P.;   Meier, W.;   Mitchell, C.;   Miura, Y.;   Naciri, J.;   Pao, W.-J.;   Percec, Virgil;   Rapp, A.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schnell, I.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shiyanovskaya, I.;   Singer, K.D.;   Smith, A.B.;   Spector, M.S.;   Spiess, H.-W.;   Strobel, M.;   Taubert, A.;   Uchida, S.;   Ungar, G.;   Vaughan, G.B.M.;   Vebert, C.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Weslowski, B.T.;   Zhang, F.

Publication Titles

1986: High resolution X-ray scattering study of the multiply reentrant polar mesogen DB9ONO2
1988: Strong Incommensurate Fluctuations in a Smectic-A Phase
1988: Strong incommensurate fluctuations in a smectic-A phase
1991: Fourier transform infrared absorption study of hexa(hexylthio)triphenylene: a discotic liquid crystal
1992: Conductivity and structure of a liquid-crystalline organic conductor
1992: Langmuir Films and Conductivity of Discogenic Molecules
1993: Phase diagram of hexa-n-alkylthiotriphenylenes
1994: Perfluoroalkylated Discotic Liquid Crystals
1995: Fluoroalkylated discotic liquid crystals
2000: Electroclinic liquid crystals with large induced tilt angle and small layer contraction
2002: Grazing-Incidence Diffraction Study of Langmuir Films of Amphiphilic Monodendrons
2002: Self-organization of supramolecular helical dendrimers into complex electronic materials
2002: Structural Studies of Novel Dendrimeric Liquid Crystals
2006: Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Calix[4]arenes in Aqueous Solution


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