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Heidemann, A.


Allen, G.;   Dasannacharya, B.A.;   Dianoux, A.J.;   Ghosh, R.E.;   Hervet, H.;   Higgins, J.S.;   Howell, W.;   Howells, W.S.;   Leadbetter, A.J.;   Lechner, R.E.;   Richardson, R.;   Temme, F.P.;   Volino, F.

Publication Titles

1974: On the structure of the quasielastic incoherent neutron scattering from poly(dimethyl-siloxane)
1975: Neutron quasielastic scattering study of translational motions in the smectic H, C, and A phases of TBBA [terephthal-bis-butylaniline]
1975: Self-diffusion tensor for two nematic liquid crystals from incoherent quasielastic neutron scattering at low momentum transfer
1975: Temperature dependence of diffusion constants in liquid crystal EABAC
1976: Rotational motion in plastic adamantane: the elastic incoherent structure factor
1976: Self-diffusion and undulation modes in a Smectic A liquid crystal. A high-resolution neutron-scattering study
1979: Self-diffusion coefficients of TBBA: comparison between neutron and NMR results


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