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Ha, Ki-Ryong

Alternative Writings

Ha, K.-R.;   Ha, Kiryong

Similar Names

Ha, K.R.


Acharya, Bharat R.;   Ahn, Hee-Jun;   Ahn, Won-Sool;   Hong, Daeil;   Kim, Jae-Hoon;   Kim, Jong-Mok;   Kim, Kyung-Chan;   Kim, Sung-Hoon;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Lee, Soon-Nam;   Magyar, Gregory R.;   Park, Lee-Soon;   Rabolt, John F.;   Rho, Seung-Baik;   Son, CheolSoo;   West, John L.

Publication Titles

1994: Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid crystal polymers for optical storage applications. Part I. Syntheses and phase behavior
1995: Phase behavior and electro-optical properties of blends of side-chain liquid crystal copolymers with low molecular weight liquid crystals. Part I. Synthesis, thermal properties, and phase behavior
1997: Effect of spacer length on the phase transition of polymer/LMWLC composites
1997: Temperature effect on electro-optic responses of a PDLC film with and without pre-aligned LC droplets
1998: A method for liquid crystal alignment using in situ ultraviolet exposure during imidization of polyimide
1998: Infrared spectroscopic studies of the mechanism of orientation of polarized UV-exposed polyimide films for liquid crystal alignment
1999: Dielectric property-phase behavior relationship of a polymer/LC blend
1999: Monolayer studies of perfluorostearic acid at air/water interface
1999: Temperature effects on LC droplets formation of PDLC films with thermoplastic matrix
2000: Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of the Thermal Stability of Alignment Layers of Polarized UV-Exposed Polyimide Films for Liquid Crystal Alignment
2001: Spectroscopic studies on the liquid crystal alignment mechanism for polarized UV-exposed organosoluble 6FDA-TFMB polyimide films
2004: Control of liquid crystal pretilt angles by chemical derivatization reaction of polyvinyl alcohol films
2006: Studies on the E7 liquid crystal orientations confined to perfluorinated carboxylic acid-treated cylindrical cavities of Anodisc membranes by FTIR spectroscopy
2006: Temperature-Induced Phase Separation of Side-Chain LCP/LMWLC Blends
2009: Field-Induced Liquid Crystal Texture Development of a Side-Chain LCP/7CB Blend


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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 339, 125
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