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Hauser, A.

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Baran, J.;   Blume, A.;   Böttger, U.;   Churjusova, T.;   Dantlgraber, G.;   Demus, Dietrich;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dobner, B.;   Dolgov, L.;   Drechsler, M.;   Eremin, A.;   Ernst, S.;   Foyet, A.;   Förster, G.;   Gavrilko, T.;   Gloza, A.;   Glushchenko, A.;   Grande, S.;   Hamann, A.;   Hartung, H.;   Heinemann, S.;   Isenberg, A.;   Joachimi, D.;   Jákli, Antal;   Keil, M.;   Kresse, H.;   Kresse, Horst;   Kuschel, F.;   Köhler, K.;   Lang, H.;   Latif, I.;   Lischka, Christiane;   Lühmann, B.;   Nadasi, H.;   Osinkina, L.;   Paschke, Reinhard;   Pelzl, G.;   Petrov, A.;   Pohl, M.;   Puchkovska, G.;   Rapthel, I.;   Ratajczak, H.;   Rettig, R.;   Richter, W.;   Salfetnikova, J.;   Saupe, Alfred;   Schmalfuss, H.;   Schmalfuß, Heiko;   Schädler, U.;   Schäfer, W.;   Schönburg, S.;   Selbmann, C.;   Selbmann, Ch.;   Shaydyuk, Y.;   Sokolova, E.;   Steiniger, F.;   Stettin, H.;   Thieme, M.;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Vorbrodt, Hans-Matthias;   Wedler, W.;   Weissflog, W.;   Wieczorek, S.;   Wiegeleben, Adelbert;   Wirth, I.;   Wulf, J.;   Yaroshchuk, O.;   Yaroshchuk, O.V.;   Zaschke, Horst

Publication Titles

1978: Electric field Kerr effect in the isotropic phase of 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybezoate
1979: Kerr Effect Studies in Liquid Crystalline Substances
1980: Frequency dependence of the freedericksz transition in the nematic and smectic C phase of 3-n-heptyl-6-(4-n-pentyloxyphenyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine
1981: Frequency dependence of the threshold voltage of the Freedericksz effect in nematic and nematic reentrant phases
1981: Kerr effect studies of the isotropic-smectic phase transition of liquid crystalline 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-alkoxybenzoates
1981: New thermotropic cubic mesophases
1983: Order parameter and molecular polarizabilities of liquid crystals with nematic and smectic phases
1984: EDA complex stability constants in binary systems with induced smectic phases
1984: Influence of lateral branches on the properties of liquid crystalline 1,4-Bis-[4-n-hexylbenzoyloxy]-2-subst.-benzenes (II): connection between molecular structure and physical properties
1984: Influence of lateral branches on the properties of liquid-crystalline 1,4-bis[4-n-hexylbenzoyloxy]-2-substituted-benzenes. I. Measurement of density, viscosity and optical anisotropy
1984: New lateral long-chain substituted liquid crystals
1985: EDA complex stability constants and formation enthalpies in a binary liquid crystalline system with induced smectic phase
1985: Properties of Nematic Substances with Long Lateral Chain Substituents
1985: Thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds with lateral long-chain substituents (III). Molar volumina, viscosities, optical refractive indices and order parameters of 1,4-Bis-[4-n-octyloxybenzoyloxy]-2-n-alkylbenzenes
1985: Thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds with lateral long-chain substituents (IV). Physical properties of 1,4-bis-[4-n-octyloxybenzoyloxy]-2-n-alkylbenzenes
1986: Birefringence and polarization of nematic liquid crystals
1986: Physical Properties of Liquid Crystalline 5-n-Hexyl-2-(4-n-alkyloxyphenyl)-pyrimidines
1987: Physical Properties of Liquid Crystalline 5-N-Hexyl-2-(4-N-Alkyloxyphenyl)-Pyrimidines
1989: New liquid-crystalline heteroalicyclic compounds
1989: Order parameters and molecular polarizabilities of nematic liquid crystals
1989: Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of compounds incorporating the 2,6,7-trioxabicyclo(2.2.2)octane
1990: Dielectric investigations of a binary system with strong correlation of the molecules
1990: On the temperature dependence of the shear viscosity of nematic liquid crystals
1991: Birefringence and phase transitions in liquid crystals
1993: Binary Systems with a Sterically Induced Smectic A Phase
1993: Refractive indices, calculated orientational order parameters, and polarizability anisotropies of liquid crystalline 3-(4-alkylphenyloxy) propane-1,2-diols
1994: Densities, refractive indexes, and order parameters of a binary liquid-crystalline systems with an induced smectic A phase
1994: Phase diagrams and mixing enthalpies of binary liquid-crystalline systems exhibiting a smectic A phase
1995: Reliefs of Liquid Crystal Surfaces and the Influence of Defects
1997: Surface Patterns of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Glasses by Scanning Force Microscopy
1998: Structure of aerosil in liquid crystal polymer
1999: AFM investigations of a glassy cholesteric liquid crystal with hydrophobic Aerosil particles
1999: Aerosil in liquid crystals
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2000: AFM investigations of a sample showing the B2 phase
2000: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2001: Characterization of the B4 phase by dielectric and AFM measurements
2001: Dielectric Characterization of BnPhases
2002: Dielectric characterization of the B{\sub 7} and a B{\sub X} phase
2002: Siloxane and Oligosiloxane Substituted Bent-Core Mesogens: Novel Mesophases by Structural Variations
2003: Oligosiloxane derived banana-shaped molecules with ferroelectric switching liquid crystalline phases
2003: Self assembly stress in a bipolar phosphocholine-water system:Fibrils and nanoparticles
2004: AFM investigation of helical filaments on a glassy liquid crystalline carbosilane based dendrimer with banana-shaped mesogenic units
2004: Bolaphospholipids: Formation of nanofibers and nanoparticles
2004: Surface structures of the gel state of the bola phospholipid PC-C32-PC Studied by AFM
2007: Effect of clay surface modification on the structure and electro-optical properties of liquid crystal/clay nanocomposites
2007: Lyotropic liquid crystals as template for electrochemical deposition of ZnNi, NiCo and NiCu alloys nanoparticles


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