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Haudin, J.M.

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Haudin, Jean Marc


Aharoni, S.M.;   Dayan, S.;   Delamare, F.;   Ernst, B.;   Monasse, B.;   Montmitonnet, P.;   Navard, P.;   Sixou, P.

Publication Titles

1981: DSC study of liquid crystalline solutions of cellulose acetate in trifluoroacetic acid
1983: Anisotropic-isotropic transition of solutions of cellulose derivatives: a DSC study
1983: Calorimetric analysis of mesomorphic phases in cellulose derivatives
1983: Rigid backbone polymers. Thermal behavior of polyhexylisocyanate mesomorphic solutions
1983: Thermal behavior of mesomorphic cellulose derivative solutions
1984: The height of DSC phase transition peaks. II. Some applications to liquid crystals
1985: Calorimetric and microscopic study of barium stearate
1985: The height of DSC phase transition peaks. Application to liquid crystals
1986: Rheology of hydroxypropylcellulose solutions
1988: Dynamic rheological measurements on hydroxypropylcellulose solutions


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