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Amemiya, Yoshiyuki;   Blumstein, Alexandre;   Chen, Hsin-Lung;   Choi, Soobum;   Cloître, Michel;   Corté, Laurent;   Court, François;   Doi, Masao;   Ebisu, Satoshi;   Elbs, Hubert;   Ernst, Benoit;   Fukunaga, Kenji;   Han, Chang Dae;   Hasegawa, Hirokazu;   Huang, Yen-Yu;   Ijitsu, Toshikazu;   Inaba, Nobuyuki;   Ito, Kazuki;   Kawai, Hiromichi;   Kawakatsu, Toshihiro;   Kim, Do;   Koizumi, Satoshi;   Krausch, Georg;   Kyu, Thein;   Lee, Kyung Min;   Leibler, Ludwik;   Lieser, Günter;   Mita, Kazuki;   Morita, Hiroshi;   Nakai, Akemi;   Navard, Patrick;   Niki, Akihiro;   Ogasawara, Shigeru;   Saijo, Kenji;   Sakamoto, Naoki;   Seto, Tetsuo;   Shiwaku, Toshio;   Sota, Norihiro;   Stein, Richard S.;   Suehiro, Shoji;   Takebe, Tomoaki;   Takenaka, Mikihito;   Vaidya, Nitin Y.;   Wang, Wei;   Wegner, Gerhard;   Yamaguchi, Daisuke;   Yamaguchi, Kiyonaga;   Yamauchi, Kazuhiro

Publication Titles

1980: A novel technique for characterizing the sense of twisting in cholesteric liquid crystals
1980: Supramolecular Structure of Polypeptides in Concentrated Solutions and Films. I. Origin of Rod-like Scattering and Effect of Form-Optical Rotation
1981: Supramolecular Structure of Polypeptides in Concentrated Solutions and Films. II. Small-Angle Light Scattering from Cholesteric Mesophase
1981: Supramolecular Structure of Polypeptides in Concentrated Solutions and Films. III. Inhomogeneous Twisting of Cholesteric Mesophase as Clarified from Multiple-Order Light-Scattering Maxima
1985: Laser light scattering from cholesteric liquid crystals
1986: Apparatus to Measure Small-Angle Light Scattering Profiles of Polymers under Shear Flow
1990: Small-angle light scattering of polymer liquid crystals under shear flow
1992: Ordered structure of copolyesters having mesogenic components
1992: Self assembly of polymer blends at phase transition - morphology control by pinning of domain growth
1994: Elastic constant anisotropy, core structure of wedge disclinations and optical texture of main-chain P-4-BCMU liquid crystals
1994: Meso-patterns and dynamics in block copolymer systems
1995: Ordered structure of thermotropic liquid crystalline copolymers 2. Observation of annihilation kinetics of wedge disclinations
1996: Application of topological theorems to studies of coalescence and ordering processes in nematic droplets
1996: Dynamic small-angle X-ray scattering system using an imaging plate
1996: Phase-Separation Processes and Self-Organization of Textures in the Biphase Region of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Poly(4,4'-dioxy-2,2'-dimethylazoxybenzene-dodecanedioyl). 2. A Study of the Isothermal Conditions
1996: Phase-separated structures formed in polymer mixtures containing a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester as one component
1996: Process and mechanism of phase separation in polymer mixtures with a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester as one component
1996: Symmetry-breaking and symmetry-recovering occurring during coalescence of nematic droplets with a bipolar structure
1997: Observation on elastic incoherent structure factor for rotational aromatic groups of thermotropic copolyester
1998: Experimental study of dynamics of topological defects in nematic polymer liquid crystals
1998: Phase-Separated Structures in Polymer Mixtures with a Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Copolyester as One Component: Composition Dependence
1999: Evidence of Liquid Crystal Texture in Slowly Solidified Films of Polystyrene-block-polyisoprene Diblock Copolymers
2000: Large-scale ordering structures with liquid crystal characteristics in polystyrene-block-polyisoprene block copolymers
2001: A Phase Diagram for the Binary Blends of Nearly Symmetric Diblock Copolymers. 1. Parameter Space of Molecular Weight Ratio and Blend Composition
2001: A Phase Diagram for the Binary Blends of Nearly Symmetric Diblock Copolymers. 2. Parameter Space of Temperature and Blend Composition
2001: Macro- and Microphase Transitions in Binary Blends of Block Copolymers with Complementarily Asymmetric Compositions
2001: Microdomain Structures and Phase Transitions in Binary Blends Consisting of a Highly Asymmetric Block Copolymer and a Homopolymer
2002: Competition between Micro- and Macrophase Separations in a Binary Mixture of Block Copolymers. A Dynamic Density Functional Study
2002: Morphological Studies of Binary Mixtures of Block Copolymers. 2. Chain Organization of Long and Short Blocks in Lamellar Microdomains and Its Effect on Domain Size and Stability
2002: Self-Assembly of a Lamellar ABC Triblock Copolymer Thin Film
2003: Annealing and Defect Trapping in Lamellar Phases of Triblock Terpolymers
2003: Face-Centered Cubic Lattice of Spherical Micelles in Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends
2003: Phase Separation Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Thin Films of a Liquid Crystalline Copolyester in Its Biphasic Region
2003: Phase Transition from Disordered Sphere to Hex-Cylinder via Transient Ordering into Bcc-Sphere in SIS Triblock Copolymer
2003: Phase Transitions in Sphere-Forming Polystyrene-block-polyisoprene-block-polystyrene Copolymer and Its Blends with Homopolymer
2003: Self-Assembly of a Lamellar ABC Triblock Terpolymer Thin Film. Effect of Substrates
2004: Stringlike structure formed in thin films of a lamella-forming diblock copolymer
2005: Roles of Composition Heterogeneity on Ordering of a Liquid Crystalline Copolyester: Nematic/Nematic Biphase and Nonequilibrium Pattern Formed by Seeded Growth of LC Domains
2006: Phase equilibria and phase separation dynamics in a polymer composite containing a main-chain liquid crystalline polymer
2008: Cylindrical Domains of Block Copolymers Developed via Ordering under Moving Temperature Gradient: Real-Space Analysis


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