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Hasegawa, Hirokazu

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Hasegawa, H.


Akasaka, Satoshi;   Chen, Chun-Ku;   Chiang, Yeo-Wan;   Hashimoto, Takeji;   Ho, Rong-Ming;   Mita, Kazuki;   Nakai, Akemi;   Niki, Akihiro;   Nishitsuji, Shotaro;   Ogasawara, Shigeru;   Shimizu, Hirofumi;   Shiwaku, Toshio;   Takenaka, Mikihito;   Tseng, Wen-Hsien;   Wang, Wei;   Yamaguchi, Daisuke

Publication Titles

1990: Liquid-crystalline structure in block copolymers
1992: Ordered structure of copolyesters having mesogenic components
1995: Ordered structure of thermotropic liquid crystalline copolymers 2. Observation of annihilation kinetics of wedge disclinations
1996: Phase-separated structures formed in polymer mixtures containing a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester as one component
1996: Process and mechanism of phase separation in polymer mixtures with a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester as one component
1998: Phase-Separated Structures in Polymer Mixtures with a Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Copolyester as One Component: Composition Dependence
2001: A Phase Diagram for the Binary Blends of Nearly Symmetric Diblock Copolymers. 2. Parameter Space of Temperature and Blend Composition
2001: Macro- and Microphase Transitions in Binary Blends of Block Copolymers with Complementarily Asymmetric Compositions
2006: Concentration Fluctuations Induced by Orientation Fluctuations in Polymer-Liquid Crystal Mixture
2008: Cylindrical Domains of Block Copolymers Developed via Ordering under Moving Temperature Gradient: Real-Space Analysis
2009: Helical Nanocomposites from Chiral Block Copolymer Templates


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