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Harvey, James E.

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Harvey, J.E.


Balinski, Andrzej;   Curatu, George;   Douglass, Andrew G.;   Harriman, Jamie;   Kaszynski, Piotr;   Martinez, Ty;   Pakhomov, Serhii;   Payne, Don M.;   Piecek, Wiktor;   Rzoska, Sylwester J.;   Wick, David V.

Publication Titles

2002: Synthesis and Properties of Highly Quadropolar Mesogens Derived from B10H10(-2)
2002: The Effect of Closo-Boranes on Mesogenic Properties
2005: Wide field-of-view imaging system using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
2008: Lens design and system optimization for foveated imaging

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