Index Name

Han, Y.-S.

Alternative Writings

Han, Y.S.;   Han, Y.s.

Similar Names

Han, Yang-Su;   Han, Young-Soo


Choi, H.S.;   Ju, H.-J.;   Kim, D.-U.;   Kim, K.-D.;   Kim, S.-D.;   Kim, S.-H.;   Kim, T.-J.;   Kwon, Y.;   Lee, S.N.;   Moon, H.-W.;   Paik, S.-H.;   Park, L.D.;   Park, L.S.;   Shin, K.S.;   Tak, Y.-H.

Publication Titles

1996: Molecularly doped liquid crystalline polymer as a hole transport layer in organic electroluminescence device
2004: Fabrication of electrophoretic display panel using prepatterned barrier rib
2004: Novel green phosphorescent materials with various substituted acetylacetonate ligands for organic electroluminescent device

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