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Hanna, S.

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Hanna, Simon


Binger, D.R.;   Elliott, J.A.;   Golombok, R.;   Hurrell, B.L.;   Lemmon, T.J.;   Richardson, R.M.;   Romo-Uribe, A.;   Salahshoor-Kordestani, S.;   Simpson, S.H.;   Spontak, R.J.;   Windle, A.H.

Publication Titles

1988: Geometrical limits to order in liquid-crystalline random copolymers
1988: Order in main chain thermotropic random copolymers
1989: Non-periodic layer crystallites in a thermotropic random copolymer
1992: Dimensions of crystallites in a thermotropic random copolyester
1992: The influence of temperature on the structure of poly(2,6-hydroxynaphthoic acid)
1993: Crystallization of thermotropic main-chain liquid-crystalline copolyesters
1993: Sequence segregation in molten liquid-crystalline random copolymers
1999: A model-independent maximum-entropy method for the inversion of small-angle x-ray diffraction patterns
1999: Computer simulation of interactions between liquid crystal molecules and polymer surfaces I. Alignment of nematic and smectic A phases
2000: Computer simulations of interactions between liquid crystal molecules and polymer surfaces II. Alignment of smectic C-forming mesogens
2000: The role of crystallinity in the deformation of main-chain liquid-crystalline copolyesters
2001: Computer simulations of the interactions between liquid crystal molecules and polymer surfaces III. Use of pseudopotentials to represent the surface
2007: Influence of dye molecules on the birefringence of liquid crystal mixtures at near infrared frequencies


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