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Hall, H.K.


Bates, Robert B.;   Bojkova, Nina;   Choi, Woon-Seop;   Elandaloussi, El Hadj;   Evans, Stacy B.;   Han, Xinghua;   Hongo, Takahiro;   Kuo, T.;   Lenz, Robert W.;   Leslie, T.M.;   Leslie, Thomas M.;   Padias, Anne B.;   Padias, Anne Buyle;   Somogyi, Arpad;   Sung, Ho-Nan;   Tanaka, Hitoshi;   Weinschenk, Joseph I.

Publication Titles

1987: New polyesters and polyformals containing multiple p-aryleneazo groups: liquid-crystal polyazoaryl sebacates
1988: Exploratory synthesis of polymers possessing electrically conducting, liquid-crystalline, piezoelectric, and nonlinear optical activity
1989: New AB polyesters and a polymethacrylate containing dipolar p-phenyleneazo groups
1990: Exploratory studies on novel liquid crystal acrylates
1996: Preparation of liquid crystalline polymers with monosubstituted ferrocenyl pendant groups and generation of unpaired electrons by complexation with tetracyanoethylene in the solid state
1997: Polymerization mechanism and kinetics for liquid crystal polymerization
1997: p-Methoxycarbonyloxy aromatic acids: new monomers for LCPs
1999: Synthesis of thermotropic LCPs using p-methoxycarbonyloxy aromatic acids
2000: LCP aromatic polyesters by esterolysis melt polymerization
2005: Analysis of All-Aromatic Polyesters by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
2006: Resequencing of Comonomer Units of Well-Defined Vectra Oligomers during MALDI-TOF Mass Spectral Measurements


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