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Hall, Alan William

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Hall, A.W.;   Hall, Alan W.;   Hall, Allan William


Blackwood, Keith Moray;   Buxton, Peter Ian;   Contoret, Adam E.A.;   Farrar, Simon R.;   Hill, Jonathan Simon;   Jones, Michelle;   Karapinar, Ridvan;   Kelly, Stephen Malcolm;   Lacey, David;   McDonnell, Damien Gerard;   Nicholls, J. Edward;   O'Neill, Mary;   Owen, Gareth James;   Pringle, Steven;   Richards, Gary James;   Sage, Ian Charles;   Stevenson, Gary;   Toyne, Kenneth Johnson

Publication Titles

1994: Liquid crystal polymers
1996: The use of photoinitiated free-radical cyclopolymerization in the preparation of novel side-chain liquid-crystalline polydienes
1997: Liquid crystal polymers and their application in pyroelectric, piezoelectric, electro-optical display devices, and recording media
1997: Liquid crystal polymers of photopolymerized 1,4-pentadienes
1997: Liquid crystal polymers of photopolymerized 1,5-hexadienes
1998: Liquid crystal polymers and their uses
1998: Novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymer architectures produced by the Wittig-Horner reaction
2000: Photoactive propane derivatives for preparing alignment layers for liquid-crystal display devices
2000: Preparation of liquid crystal polymers
2002: The Photopolymerization and Cross-Linking of Electroluminescent Liquid Crystals Containing Methacrylate and Diene Photopolymerizable End Groups for Multilayer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


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