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Häussling, Lukas

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Häußling, Lukas

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Häußling, L.


Adam, Dieter;   Bengs, Holger;   Bubeck, Christoph;   Catry, Christian;   Closs, Friedrich;   Closs, Fritz;   Effenberger, Franz;   Etzbach, Karl-Heinz;   Funhoff, Dirk;   Haarer, Dietrich;   Henderson, Philippe;   Karthaus, Olaf;   Keinan, Ehud;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Neher, Dieter;   Niesert, Claus-Peter;   Paulus, Wolfgang;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schuhmacher, Peter;   Schumacher, Peter;   Siemensmeyer, Karl;   Simmerer, Jürgen;   de Schryver, Frans C.;   van der Auweraer, Mark

Publication Titles

1992: Donor-acceptor substituted polyenes: Orientation in mono- and multilayers
1993: Conductivity and photoconductivity of undoped and doped Langmuir-Blodgett films of a polymer with hexaalkoxytriphenylene side-groups
1994: Photoconductivity in discotic liquid crystals: a new class of high-mobility materials
1995: Electroluminescent devices
1995: New triphenylene compounds and manufacture of discotic liquid crystalline crosslinked polymers
1995: Organic charge transporting compound with liquid-crystal properties
1995: Photoconductivity in the columnar phases of a glassy discotic twin
1995: Selective ether cleavages: simple routes yielding di- and tri-functional hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
1996: Oligomeric liquid crystal triphenylene derivative and its usage as charge transport substance in electrophotographic photoconductor
1996: Use of low-molecular wt. and/or polymeric organic compounds having columnar helical phase with liquid crystalline properties


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