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Häberle, Norman

Alternative Writings

Haberle, Norman;   Haeberle, Norman

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Häberle, N.


Brader, Leonhard;   Fujisawa, Koichi;   Haas, Wolfgang;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Hanelt, Eckhard;   Jakob, Eckhard;   Kammel, Thomas;   Kilian, Dirk;   Kreuzer, Franz Heinrich;   Kreuzer, Franz-Heinrich;   Krueger, Benno;   Kupfer, Jürgen;   Kuwabara, Masato;   Küpfer, Jürgen;   Leigeber, Horst;   Sandmeyer, Frank;   Schindler, Wolfram;   Winkler, Rainer;   Zahn, Ingo

Publication Titles

1990: Silylated benzoic acid derivative liquid crystals for electrooptical display devices
1991: Preparation of (silylalkyl)benzoates, -phenols, -anilines, etc., as intermediates for liquid crystals
1991: Silylated benzoic acid derivative liquid crystals for display devices
1992: Cyclosiloxanes with mesogenic side groups, their preparation, and their use in display devices
1993: Liquid crystals with end groups containing more than one silane group, their preparation, liquid crystal media containing them, and their use
1994: Dielectric relaxation in a new cyclic liquid-crystalline oligosiloxane
1996: Dielectric relaxation in four cyclic liquid-crystalline oligosiloxanes with different ring size and spacer length
1998: Liquid-crystalline, crosslinkable siloxanes, their crosslinked products having a low glass transition temperature, and their manufacture
1999: Liquid-crystalline nematic polysiloxanes curable to optically anisotropic films
2000: Liquid crystalline silicones with increased UV stability
2000: Optically anisotropic film for liquid-crystal display device
2000: Process for preparing alpha,beta-unsaturated carboxylic acid group-containing organosilicon compounds


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