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Hadjichristidis, N.

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Hadjichristidis, Nikos


Adam, M.;   Al-Hussein, M.;   Casay, G.A.;   Chen, C.X.;   Chondronicola, D.;   DeRege, P.;   Duan, Yongxin;   Edrington, A.C.;   Fetters, L.;   Fetters, L.J.;   Fink, Y.;   Floudas, G.;   George, A.;   Hanski, S.;   Hodrokoukes, P.;   Houbenov, N.;   Iatrou, H.;   Ikkala, O.;   Itoh, T.;   Joannopoulos, J.D.;   Lindner, J.S.;   Mays, J.W.;   Mays, Jimmy W.;   Peiffer, D.G.;   Pispas, S.;   Rettler, Erik;   Ruokolainen, J.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Schlegel, Ralf;   Schneider, Konrad;   Shen, Yi;   Siesler, Heinz W.;   Stamm, Manfred;   Swager, T.M.;   Thomas, E.L.;   Thunga, Mahendra;   Urbas, A.M.;   Vranichar, L.;   Watanabe, J.;   Weidisch, Roland;   Wilson, W.W.;   Witten, T.;   Xenidou, M.;   de Jeu, Wim H.

Publication Titles

1991: Macrolattice formation in amorphous associating polymers
1995: Dilute solution properties, chain stiffness, and liquid crystalline properties of cellulose propionate
2001: Microphase Separation in Normal and Inverse Tapered Block Copolymers of Polystyrene and Polyisoprene. 1. Phase State
2001: Polymer-Based Photonic Crystals
2002: Controlling Micellar Properties of Styrene/Isoprene Copolymers by Altering the Monomer Arrangement along the Chain
2004: Bulk and Thin Film Ordering in Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline/Amorphous Diblock Copolymers: The Role of Chain Length
2006: Hierarchical Ionic Self-Assembly of Rod-Comb Block Copolypeptide-Surfactant Complexes
2008: Deformation Behavior of Sphere-Forming Trifunctional Multigraft Copolymer


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