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Gupta, M.

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Gupta, Manisha;   Gupta, Meenal;   Gupta, Monika


Agrawal, V.K.;   Chen, Y.-L.;   Dhar, R.;   Doyle, P.S.;   Graham, M.D.;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Manohar, R.;   Randall, G.C.;   Shukla, J.P.;   de Pablo, J.J.

Publication Titles

2000: Phase transition studies of some cholesteric liquid crystals and their mixtures using dielectric, optical transmittance and density measurement techniques
2004: Conformation and dynamics of single DNA molecules in parallel-plate slit microchannels
2008: Characteristic dielectric parameters of columnar discotic hexa-n-alkoxyanthraquinones

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