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Gütlich, P.

Alternative Writings

Guetlich, P.;   Gutlich, P.

Similar Names

Gütlich, Philipp


Galyametdinov, Y.;   Gaspar, A.B.;   Gaspar, Ana B.;   Haase, W.;   Ksenofontov, V.;   Kusz, J.;   Reiman, S.;   Rentschler, E.;   Seredyuk, M.;   Verdaguer, M.;   Villain, F.

Publication Titles

2006: Room Temperature Operational Thermochromic Liquid Crystals
2008: Does the Solid-Liquid Crystal Phase Transition Provoke the Spin-State Change in Spin-Crossover Metallomesogens?
2008: One-Dimensional Iron(II) Compounds Exhibiting Spin Crossover and Liquid Crystalline Properties in the Room Temperature Region
2009: Spin crossover in iron(II) complexes: Recent advances
2009: Thermal- and Light-Induced Spin Crossover in Novel 2D Fe(II) Metalorganic Frameworks {Fe(4-PhPy)2[MII(CN)x]y}·sH2O: Spectroscopic, Structural, and Magnetic Studies


Chem. Mater., 18, 2513
Inorg. Chem., 47, 10232
Inorg. Chem., 48, 6130
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130, 1431
J. Mol. Struct., 924-926, 9

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