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Groves, M.J.


Ahmad, A.B.;   Carless, J.E.;   De Galindez, Doris A.;   Mustafa, R.M.A.;   Yalabik, H.S.

Publication Titles

1974: Note on the thin layer chromatography of mixed surfactant systems
1974: Phase studies of mixed phosphated surfactants, hexane, and water
1976: Rheological characterisation of self-emulsifying oil/surfactant systems
1976: Some rheological properties of lyotropic liquid crystals formed by phosphated polyoxyethylene surfactants, n-hexane and water
1976: The self-emulsifying action of mixed surfactants in oil
1977: The size distribution of droplets formed by self-emulsification
1978: Anomalous densities of dilute emulsions prepared by self-emulsification


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