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Grillo, I.

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Grillo, Isabelle


Agina, E.V.;   Barker, J.G.;   Baroni, P.;   Boiko, N.I.;   Fernández-Barbero, A.;   Fernández-Nieves, A.;   Levitz, P.;   Lindner, P.;   López-Cabarcos, E.;   Mendil, H.;   Mildner, D.F.R.;   Ne, F.;   Nettesheim, F.;   Neugebauer, U.;   Noirez, L.;   Penfold, J.;   Richardson, R.M.;   Richtering, W.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Testard, F.;   Thomas, R.K.;   Tucker, I.;   Zemb, Th.;   Zipfel, J.

Publication Titles

2001: Insertion of small anisotropic clay particles in swollen lamellar or sponge phases of nonionic surfactant
2002: Structural modifications in the swelling of inhomogeneous microgels by light and neutron scattering
2003: How Does ZrO2/Surfactant Mesophase Nucleate? Formation Mechanism
2003: Shear induced structures in lamellar mesophases
2006: The Frozen State in the Liquid Phase of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers
2007: Reply: Comment on "The Frozen State in the Liquid Phase of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers"
2008: Self-Assembly in Complex Mixed Surfactant Solutions: The Impact of Dodecyl Triethylene Glycol on Dihexadecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Bromide
2008: Structural Investigation of Carbosilane Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers
2008: The Surface and Solution Properties of Dihexadecyl Dimethylammonium Bromide


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