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Grelet, Eric

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Grelet, É.;   Grelet, Éric

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Grelet, E.


Adams, Marie;   Archambeau, Samuel;   Auroy, Philippe;   Bock, Harald;   Buffet, Noémie;   Cisse, Lamine;   Clavaguera, Simon;   Collings, Peter J.;   Dardel, Sebastien;   Destruel, Pierre;   Dogic, Zvonimir;   Ferrarini, Alberta;   Fraden, Seth;   Goldmann, Michel;   Jolinat, Pascale;   Keller, Patrick;   Krishna, Naveen;   Lacaze, Emmanuelle;   Lettinga, M. Paul;   Li, Min-Hui;   Nallet, Frederic;   Navarro, José;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Pansu, Brigitte;   Purdy, Kirstin R.;   Rajaoarivelo, Mbolotiana;   Saidi-Besbes, Salima;   Seguy, Isabelle;   Thiebaut, Olivier;   Tombolato, Fabio;   Vermant, Jan;   Zhang, Zhenkun

Publication Titles

2001: A chiral material with a new phase sequence: twist grain boundary smectic C phase-smectic blue phases
2001: Influence of the molecular tilt on the structure of smectic blue phases
2001: Optical activity measurements in the smectic blue phases.
2001: Structural Investigations on Smectic Blue Phases
2002: Liquid-Crystalline Polymethacrylates by Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization at Ambient Temperature
2002: The Baffling Role of Electrostatics in Cholesteric Phase of Virus Suspensions
2003: Liquid-crystalline smectic blue phases
2003: What Is the Origin of Chirality in the Cholesteric Phase of Virus Suspensions?
2004: Isotropic-nematic phase transition in suspensions of filamentous virus and the neutral polymer Dextran
2006: An efficient route to stable room-temperature liquid - crystalline triphenylenes
2006: Chiral Nematic Phase of Suspensions of Rodlike Viruses: Left-Handed Phase Helicity from a Right-Handed Molecular Helix
2006: Soluble and liquid-crystalline ovalenes
2007: Self-Diffusion of Rodlike Viruses through Smectic Layers
2008: Hexagonal Order in Crystalline and Columnar Phases of Hard Rods
2008: Novel columnar LCs for a new generation of organic solar cells
2009: Measurement of the exciton diffusion length in discotic columnar liquid crystals: Comparison between homeotropically oriented and non-oriented samples
2009: Reversible Gelation of Rod-Like Viruses Grafted with Thermoresponsive Polymers
2010: Face-on Oriented Bilayer of Two Discotic Columnar Liquid Crystals for Organic Donor-Acceptor Heterojunction
2010: Morphology of open films of discotic hexagonal columnar liquid crystals as probed by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction
2010: Soluble and Columnar Liquid Crystalline Peropyrenequinones by Coupling of Phenalenones in Caesium Hydroxide


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