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Grande, Siegbert

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Grande, S.


Braun, P.;   Braun, Peter;   Clark, Noel A.;   Coleman, Dave;   Das, B.;   Das, Banani;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dunemann, Ulrike;   Eremin, Alexei;   Eremin, Alexey;   Findeisen, Mathias;   Heinze, Ekkehard;   Hillner, Bernd;   Jones, Chris;   Kovalenko, Laura;   Kresse, Horst;   Kühnel, A.;   Li, Jian-Jun;   Limmer, Stefan;   Lösche, Arthur;   Moscicki, J.K.;   Nadasi, Hajnalka;   Pancenko, Natella;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Pietsch, Helmut;   Schmiedel, Herbert;   Schröder, Martin W.;   Schulz, Jürgen;   Seifert, F.;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Weissflog, Wolfgang;   Wirth, Ina

Publication Titles

1976: Nonexponential nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in the isotropic phase of thermotropic liquid crystals
1978: Investigation of the proton spin-lattice relaxation in the metastable and stable solid phases of MBBA
1978: Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation and molecular motions in the thermotropic mesophases of p-alkoxybenzylidene-p-n-alkylanilines
1978: Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in the solid state of mesogenic p-alkoxybenzylidene alkylanilines
1978: Orientation of nematic phases in magnetic field
1978: Study of the proton-spin-lattice relaxation in the smectic-C and nematic phases of long chain PAA homologs
1980: Ordering and intramolecular mobility in the nematic phase of PAA investigated by means of NMR lineshape analysis and computer simulations of the lineshape
1981: Determination of the structure of mesomorphic phases in homologous series of benzylidineanilines using carbon-13 NMR
1981: NMR studies on the reorientational behavior of nematic phases of some homologous series and on the connection with rotational viscosities
1981: Negative time evolution in NMR experiments on liquid crystals
1985: Evidence for a glassy smectic C phase
1989: NMR investigations and the molecular field theory of nematic mixtures
2001: New variants of polymorphism in banana-shaped mesogens with cyano-substituted central core
2002: Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric "banana phases" of new fluorinated five-ring bent-core mesogens
2004: The first bent-core mesogens exhibiting a dimorphism B7-SmCPA
2005: Field-induced inversion of chirality in SmCPA phases of new achiral bent-core mesogens


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