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Amaranatha Reddy, R.;   Bodyagin, B.M.;   Borodin, P.M.;   Braun, P.;   Das, B.;   Das, B.A.;   Das, H.;   Dehne, H.;   Demus, Dietrich;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dunemann, U.;   Eremin, A.;   Franck, U.;   Grossmann, S.;   Hartung, H.;   Hauser, A.;   Hempel, G.;   Hillner, B.;   Hohmuth, A.;   Holzlehner, U.;   Ignat'ev, Yu.A.;   Jákli, Antal;   Kain, J.;   Klose, G.;   Kovalenko, L.;   Kresse, H.;   Kruth, H.;   Li, J.;   Limmer, S.;   Limmer, Stefan;   Lischka, Christiane;   Lorenzsonn, J.;   Lose, D.;   Lösche, Artur;   Melchanov, Yu.V.;   Molchanov, Yu.V.;   Moltchanov, Y.;   Moltschanow, Y.;   Möbius, G.;   Nadasi, H.;   Naji, L.;   Nádasi, H.;   Pelzl, G.;   Petrov, A.;   Privalov, A.;   Pötter, M.;   Reinke, H.;   Riede, A.;   Risse, J.;   Rößle, Martin;   Sackmann, H.;   Schmalfuss, H.;   Schmalfuß, Heiko;   Schmiedel, H.;   Schröder, M.W.;   Schulz, J.;   Selbmann, C.;   Sokolowski, S.;   Sokolowski, W.;   Stannarius, R.;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Stettler, A.;   Stumpe, J.;   Weissflog, W.;   Wirth, I.;   Wolf, K.;   Zentel, Rudolf

Publication Titles

1975: NMR method of studying order in nematic liquid crystals
1975: Some new observations in the transition region between the nematic and the crystalline phase
1976: Study of the reorientation of molecules of nematic liquid crystals in a constant magnetic field by the method of pulsed Fourier NMR spectroscopy
1977: NMR investigations of the melting behavior of mesogen compounds
1978: High resolution carbon-13 NMR of 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate in the isotropic and ordered phase
1978: Temperature dependence of the rotational viscosity above the S{\sub A}-nematic phase transition in 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
1980: Interpretation of proton NMR lineshape of liquid crystals
1980: NMR magic echo in liquid crystals by sample reorientation
1981: Alignment of smectic A liquid crystal obtained by cooling the isotropic phase in magnetic field. NMR study
1982: Proton NMR signals of intra- and interpair dipolar order in liquid crystals
1983: Diamagnetic susceptibility and density of HOPDOB [4-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl 4-(n-decyloxy)benzoate]
1983: Interpretation of the NMR spectra of nematic-phase butylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid
1983: Order parameter and molecular polarizabilities of liquid crystals with nematic and smectic phases
1983: Polymorphism in thermotropic liquid crystals
1983: Proton NMR studies of the orientation and tilt angle of HOPDOB [4-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl 4-(n-decyloxy)benzoate]
1985: Behavior of alkyloxybenzylidenealkylanilines in the smectic G phase
1987: Orientational behavior of phosphonic acid dialkyl esters in nematic and smectic phases of (pentoxybenzylidene)hexylaniline studied by proton, deuterium and phosphorus-31 NMR
1992: Increased Effeciency of Photocycloaddition by Phase Separation
1992: Solubilization and photoreactivity of E-ethyl cinnamate in smectic B mesophases. VII. Photoreactions in liquid crystals
1995: The Structure of Polymeric Networks in Liquid Crystalline Host Phases
1997: Structure of polymer networks in liquid crystals studied by 13C NMR
1998: Structure and properties of liquid crystalline phases formed by achiral banana-shaped molecules
1999: Banana-shaped or rod-like mesogens? molecular structure, crystal structure and mesophase behaviour of 4,6-dichloro-1,3-phenylene bis[4-(4-n-subst.-phenyliminomethyl)benzoates]
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
1999: Structural and electrooptical investigations of the smectic phase of chlorine-substituted banana-shaped compounds
2000: Dimorphism SmA-B2 in bent-core mesogens with perfluorinated terminal chains
2000: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2001: New banana-shaped mesogens with bromine-substituted central core
2001: One-, two- and three dimensional structures in thermotropic liquid crystals
2002: Banana-Shaped Mesogens - A New Field of Liquid Crystal Research
2002: Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric B5 Phases, B2 Subphases and a Switchable Solid-Like Banana-Phase in New Achiral Bent-Core Mesogens
2002: Mesogens with Hockey-Stick Molecular Shape Exhibiting Unusal Phase Behaviour
2002: Phase Transitions Between B2 Phases and Smectic Phases (SmA, SmC) in New 4-Cyano-, 4-Chloro- and 4,6-Dichlororesorcinol Derivatives
2003: Mesophases with unusual properties formed by new banana-shaped mesogens with halogen substituents at the central core
2003: Structural and conformational investigations in SmA and different SmC phases of new hockey stick-shaped compounds
2004: Chiral ordering in the nematic and an optically isotropic mesophase of bent-core mesogens with a halogen substituent at the central core
2004: Paraelectric-antiferroelectric phase transitions in the bent-core liquid crystalline materials
2004: Paraelectric-antiferroelectric transitions in the bent-core liquid-crystalline materials
2004: The first bent-core mesogens exhibiting a dimorphism B7-SmCP
2005: De Vries smectic A phase formed by a liquid crystal side chain copolymer? A {\super 13}C NMR study
2005: Field-induced inversion of chirality in antiferroelectric and ferroelectric smectic phases formed by bent-core mesogens
2006: Field-induced phase transitions and reversible field-induced inversion of chirality in tilted smectic phases of bent-core mesogens


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