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Godinho, M.H.

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Godinho, M. Helena;   Godinho, Maria Helena


Afonso, C.A.M.;   Almeida, A.;   Almeida, J.;   Almeida, P.L.;   Amaral, A.;   Bordado, J.C.;   Bordado, J.M.;   Borges, J.P.;   Brogueira, P.;   Caldeira, J.;   Cambon, A.;   Canejo, J.P.;   Cidade, M.T.;   Cordoyiannis, G.;   Costa, C.;   Costa, I.;   Cruz, C.;   Dedier, J.;   Dioniso, M.D.;   Fernandes, A.;   Ferraz, A.;   Ferreira, A.J.;   Figueiredo Neto, Antonio Martins;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Filip, D.;   Filliatre, C.;   Fonseca, J.G.;   Fried, F.;   Glorieux, C.;   Guillon, D.;   Guittard, F.;   Kulkarni, P.S.;   Kundu, S.;   Lavareda, G.;   Leal, C.R.;   Louro, N.;   Maissa, P.;   Manaila-Maximean, D.;   Martins, A.F.;   Melo, L.;   Melo, L.V.;   Navard, P.;   Nunes de Carvalho, C.;   Nunes, A.M.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Pinto, L.F.V.;   Pires, D.;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Riti, J.B.;   Rosa, M.J.;   Rosu, C.;   Rusig, I.;   Sebastiao, P.J.;   Sebastião, P.J.;   Seurin, M.J.;   Simôes, M.;   Simões, M.;   Sixou, P.;   Taborda, A.;   Teixeira, P.I.C.;   Thoen, J.;   Toth-Katona, T.;   Trindade, A.C.;   Varichon, L.;   Viciosa, M.T.;   Vilfan, M.;   Yamagishi, Tadaaki;   Zhao, C.-T.;   de Pinho, M.N.

Publication Titles

1989: Mesophase formation and intrinsic viscosity for some low-molecular-weight cellulose acetate samples
1992: NMR study of molecular dynamics in a mixture of two polar liquid crystals (CBOOA and DOBCA)
1992: Synthesis and Properties of Toluene-4-Sulfonyl Uretane of Hydroxypropylcellulose Liquid Crystal Polymers
1993: Preparation and liquid-crystalline properties of toluene-4-sulfonyl urethane of hydroxypropylcellulose
1994: Comparison of thermal and cholesteric mesophase properties among the three kinds of hydroxypropyl cellulose derivatives
1994: Optical properties of cholesteric (2-hydroxypropyl) cellulose (HPC) esters
1994: The first normal stress difference and viscosity in shear of liquid crystalline solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose: new experimental data and theory
1995: Aging effects on the rheology of LC solutions of hydroxypropylcellulose
1995: Optical polarizing studies of cellulose acetate membranes prepared by phase-inversion
1995: Rheological properties of acetoxypropylcellulose in the thermotropic chiral nematic phase
1997: Novel composite material structures for large panel displays and controlled transparency windows
1997: Shear induced textures of thermotropic acetoxypropyl cellulose
1998: Composite systems for display applications from cellulose elastomers and nematic liquid crystals
1999: Liquid crystal and cellulose derivatives composites used in electro-optical applications
2000: Preliminary results on UV and high temperature exposure effects on the electro-optical properties of cellulose derivatives based PDLC type cells
2000: Temperature dependence of the rheological properties of acetoxypropylcellulose in the thermotropic chiral nematic phase
2001: Electro-Optical Properties of Cellulose Based PDLC Type Cells: Dependence on the Type of Diisocyanate Cross-Linking Agent Used
2001: Light scattering studies in cellulose derivative based PDLC type cells
2001: Shear-induced order effects in Bi-soft segment urethane/urea elastomers
2001: The influence of polymer molecular weight on the first normal-stress difference and shear-viscosity of LC solutions of hydroxypropylcellulose
2002: Anchoring Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystals on Anisotropic Cellulose Derivative Films
2002: Anisotropic hydroxypropylcellulose films as alignment layers of a bistable ferroelectric device
2002: Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Hydroxypropylcellulose Films Prepared from Liquid Crystalline Aqueous Solutions
2002: Dielectric studies of the nematic mixture E7 on a hydroxypropylcellulose substrate
2002: Electro-Optical behaviour determination for Cellulose Derivative PDLC Type Cells
2002: Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Devices Using HPC as Alignment Layers
2002: Flexible cellulose derivative PDLC type cells
2002: Patterns' Formation in a Bi-Soft Segment Urethane Elastomer
2002: Patterns' formation in elastomers II
2002: Protein Alignment Induced by a Liquid Crystalline Polymer Detected by EPR Spectroscopy
2002: Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents and Optical Transmission on Liquid Crystal/Cellulose Derivative Composite Devices
2002: Thermally stimulated depolarization currents and optical transmissionon liquid crystal/cellulose derivative composite devices
2002: Tunable Morphological System Obtained from HPC Aqueous Liquid Crystalline Solutions
2004: Optical, magnetic and dielectric properties of non-liquid crystalline elastomers doped
2004: Pattern Formation in a Bi-Soft Segment Urethane Elastomer
2005: 3D Soft Microlithography in Segmented Anisotropic Urethane/Urea Elastomers
2005: Anchoring properties of a nematic liquid crystal on anisotropic hydroxypropylcellulose films
2006: Anisotropic cellulose-derived matrix for dispersed liquid crystals
2006: Molecular Dynamics Study in PU/PBDO Anisotropic Elastomers by Proton NMR Relaxometry
2006: Tunable topographical cellulose matrices for electro-optical liquid crystal
2007: Mechanically activated cholesteric polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2007: New cellulose derivatives composites for electro-optical sensors
2008: Electro-optical cells using a cellulose derivative and cholesteric liquid crystals
2008: How foam-like is the shear-induced lamellar phase of an ionic liquid crystal?
2008: Shear-induced lamellar phase of an ionic liquid crystal at room temperature
2009: High-resolution calorimetric study of the phase transitions of tridecylcyanobiphenyl and tetradecylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
2009: How to mimic the shapes of plant tendrils on the nano and microscale: spirals and helices of electrospun liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives
2010: Shear-induced lamellar ionic liquid-crystal foam


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