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Gode, P.

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Gode, Paul


Azemar, N.;   Bachir-Lesage, S.;   Bault, P.;   Bault, Ph.;   Cave, G.;   Comelles, F.;   Douillet, O.;   El Azzaoui, B.;   Essassi, E.M.;   Fernandez, A.;   Garcia-Celma, M.J.;   Goethals, G.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Haley, J.;   Haley, J.A.;   Harmouch, B.;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Lakhrissl, B.;   Martin, P.;   Massoui, M.;   Mehl, G.H.;   Minana-Perez, M.;   Nabil, A.;   Postel, D.;   Ronco, G.;   Sadurni, N.;   Savelli, M.P.;   Savelli-Boukhaled, M.P.;   Scorza, C.;   Solans, C.;   Spychala, L.;   Villa, P.;   van Roekeghem, P.

Publication Titles

1997: An outline of properties relating to air/water activity and self-assembly of 1-deoxy-1-S-n-alkyl-D,L-xylitol derivatives
1997: Liquid crystalline properties of amphiphilic D-xylose derivatives
1997: Physicochemical properties of a novel series of amphiphilic sugar-based molecules: 1-O-n-alkyl-D,L-xylitols
1997: The Mesomorphism of some 6-O-N-Alkyl-{\f1 a}-D-Galactopyranoses And 6-O-N-Alkyl-D-Galactitols
1998: An homologous series of 6-O-n-alkyl-.alpha.-D-galactopyranoses: synthesis and thermotropic mesomorphic properties
1998: Comparative self-assembling of 3-Z-alkyl-D-glucoses and 1-Z-alkyl-D,L-xylitol analogs
1998: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
1998: Liquid crystalline derivatives of galactose and galactitol: dependence of thermotropic mesomorphism on carbohydrate form
1998: Liquid crystalline properties of amphiphilic ether-linked disaccharide derivatives and corresponding diitols
1998: Structural influences on O-alkyl-monosaccharide liquid crystal phase transitions
1999: Effects of tail alkyl chain length (n), head group structure and junction (Z) on amphiphilic properties of 1-Z-R-d,l-xylitol compounds (R=CnH2n+1)
1999: Glyceryl spacer arm influence on the O-alkyl-carbohydrate amphiphilic properties
1999: Synthesis and mesomorphism of 6-Z-n-alkyl-.alpha.-D-galactopyranoses
2000: Synthesis and properties of new bolaamphiphile compounds as bis-benzimidazoloneglucopyranosyl derivatives
2000: Thermotropic and lyotropic properties of a new range of x-O-Alkyl-itols
2001: Spacer arm influence on glucidoamphiphile compound properties
2003: Synthesis of enantiomerically pure alkylated D-erythritols and D-threitols from D-xylose-structural influences on their mesophasic behavior


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