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Glushchenko, Anatoliy

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Glushchenko, A.;   Glushchenko, Anatoliy V.


Allen, Michael;   Allen, Michael P.;   Andrienko, Denis;   Andrienko, Dennis;   Aoki, Toshihiro;   Buchnev, A.;   Buchnev, Alexander;   Buchnev, Oleksandr;   Buchnev, Olexander;   Büyüktanir, Ebru;   Büyüktanir, Ebru A.;   Celinski, Zbigniew;   Cheon, Chae Il;   Gheorghiu, Nadina;   Harward, Ian;   Holter, Børre;   Kurti, R.S.;   Lavrentovich, Oleg;   Li, Fenghua;   Liao, Guangxun;   Mitrokhin, Maxim;   Reisman, Lindsay;   Reshetnyak, V.;   Reshetnyak, Victor;   Reznikov, Yu.;   Reznikov, Yuri;   Reznikov, Yurii;   Reznikov, Yuriy;   Singer, K.D.;   Sluckin, Timothy J.;   Smalyukh, Ivan;   Tereshchenko, A.;   Tereshchenko, Oleksandr;   Tereshchenko, Olexander;   West, John;   West, John L.;   Zhang, Guoqiang;   Zhang, Ke

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2002: Drag on particles in a nematic suspension by a moving nematic-isotropic interface
2002: Electro-Optics of LC Imbedded in a Micro-Sphere Array
2002: Ferro-Electric Nematic Liquid Crystals
2002: Mechanism of Formation of Three Dimensional Structures of Formed By Particles Dispersed in a Liquid Crystal
2003: Ferroelectric nematic suspension
2004: Drag of Micro-Particles by an Extended Nematic-Isotropic Interface
2005: A model of stressed liquid crystals: close-packed, shaped liquid crystal droplets inside a sheared polymer matrix
2005: Fast birefringent mode stressed liquid crystal
2005: Ferroelectric particles-liquid crystal dispersions
2005: Liquid crystals as a tool for forming photonic crystals
2005: Stressed liquid crystals (Invited Paper)
2006: Ferroelectric Particles in Liquid Crystals: Recent Frontiers
2006: Field-induced polymer wall formation in a bistable smectic-A liquid crystal display
2006: Flexible Bistable Smectic-A Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display
2006: Orientational Coupling Amplification in Ferroelectric Nematic Colloids
2007: Applications of ferroelectric particles/liquid crystal colloids
2009: New alignment liquid crystal techniques for operation at harsh ambient conditions and high-intensity light


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