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Glinka, Charles J.

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Glinka, C.J.


Bates, Frank S.;   Chen, Sow-Hsin;   Chen, Wei-Ren;   Fratini, Emiliano;   Fredrickson, Glenn H.;   Harroun, Thad A.;   Katsaras, John;   Krueger, Susan;   Mallamace, Francesco;   Nieh, Mu-Ping;   Pabst, Georg;   Prosser, R. Scott;   Raghunathan, V.A.;   Rosedale, Jeffrey H.

Publication Titles

1988: Fluctuation-Induced First-Order Transition of an Isotropic System to a Periodic State
2001: SANS Study of the Structural Phases of Magnetically Alignable Lanthanide-Doped Phospholipid Mixtures
2003: Neutron- and light-scattering studies of the liquid-to-glass and glass-to-glass transitions in dense copolymer micellar solutions
2004: Magnetically Alignable Phase of Phospholipid "Bicelle" Mixtures Is a Chiral Nematic Made Up of Wormlike Micelles

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