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Gleeson, Helen F.

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Gleeson, H.F.;   Gleeson, Helen;   Gleeson, Helen Frances


Ali-Adib, Ziad;   Baylis, Lee J.;   Blake, Peter;   Booth, Tim J.;   Bowring, Nicholas;   Brimicombe, Paul D.;   Bryant, Georgina K.;   Buxton, I.Peter;   Clarkson, Guy J.;   Conn, Julie;   Cowling, Stephen J.;   D'Emanuele, Antony;   Dickinson, Mark R.;   Findon, Alison;   Geim, Andre K.;   Goodby, John W.;   Grozhik, Vladimir;   Görtz, Verena;   Hall, Alan W.;   Herbert, M.R.;   Herbert, Mark R.;   Hill, Ernie W.;   Hird, Michael;   Hird, Mike;   Hirst, Linda S.;   Hubbard, John F.;   Hubbard, John.F.;   Jaradat, Shaden;   Jiang, Da;   Lydon, John E.;   McKeown, Neil B.;   Miller, Richard J.;   Mills, Jo T.;   Mills, Joanne T.;   Morozov, Sergey V.;   Morse, Adrian;   Murray, Andrew.J.;   Nair, Rahul R.;   Nassif, L.N.;   Novoselov, Kostya S.;   Osipov, Mikhail A.;   Petrenko, Alex;   Ponomarenko, Leonid A.;   Raoul, Yann M.;   Reimer, Dirk;   Roberts, Nicholas W.;   Sahagun-Sanchez, Daniel;   Schedin, Fred;   Seed, Alex;   Seed, Alex J.;   Seed, Alexander;   Seed, Alexander J.;   Serak, Svetlana;   Shaw, Chris.P.;   Shaw, Christopher P.;   Southern, Christopher;   Stennett, Alexander S.;   Stipetic, Andrew I.;   Styring, Peter;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Treacher, Kevin E.;   Wang, Ying;   Watson, Samantha;   Watson, Samantha J.;   Whatmore, Roger W.;   Whatmore, Roger.W.;   Wood, Tiffany A.;   Wright, Amanda J.;   Yasuda, Akio;   Zhang, Qi

Publication Titles

1992: Ferroelectric polymer liquid crystals
1995: Order parameter measurements from the Kossel diagrams of the liquid-crystal blue phases
1996: Lattice parameter measurements from the Kossel diagrams of the cubic liquid crystal blue phases
1996: Many-wave light scattering features in blue-phase Kossel diagrams and the phase problem
1997: Heterocyclic esters exhibiting frustrated liquid crystal phases
1997: Novel features in blue phase Kossel diagrams
1997: Time resolved FT-IR study of the switching dynamics of FLC devices
1997: Time-resolved x-ray studies of layer behavior during operation of a ferroelectric device
1998: An unusual chevron structure in an achiral smectic C liquid crystal device
1998: Brillouin scattering from liquid crystals
1998: Evolution of irreversible layer deformations in FLC devices caused by high electric field treatment
1998: Light scattering from liquid crystals
1998: Molecular assemblies of novel amphiphilic phthalocyanines: an investigation into the self-ordering properties of complex functional materials
1998: Mossbauer studies of liquid crystals
1998: Thermography using liquid crystals
1998: X-ray and optical studies of the tilted phases of materials exhibiting antiferroelectric, ferrielectric and ferroelectric mesophases
1999: A comparison of the optical and steric tilt in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1999: A study of photochromic azobenzene liquid crystals as controlled release drug delivery systems
1999: An optical study of the structure of the helicoidal twist grain boundary (TGBA) phase
1999: Conoscopic observations of multiple ferrielectricity in a chiral liquid crystal
1999: Coupling of the remanent polarization in thin film oxide ferroelectrics with nematic liquid crystals
1999: Kossel diagram of an aligned cholesteric phase
1999: The interaction of poled thin film ferroelectrics with nematic liquid crystals
2001: An Examination of the Drug Transport Properties of Liquid Crystal Embedded Membrans
2001: The synthesis and mesomorphic properties of some novel antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2002: Elastic Constants of an Achiral Smectic-C Material
2002: Optical Trapping of Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Capsules
2002: The realignment of an achiral smectic C chevron structure with applied field
2003: An experimental and theoretical investigation into the reflection spectra of SmC* and SmCA* phases.
2004: Mechanisms of optical angular momentum transfer to nematic liquid crystalline droplets
2004: On the temperature dependence of the tilt and spontaneous polarization in high tilt antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2006: Examination of the interlayer strength of smectic liquid crystals through the study of partially fluorinated and branched fluorinated end-groups
2006: High tilt antiferroelectric esters bearing a perfluorobutanoyloxy terminal chain: the influence of lateral fluoro substituents on mesomorphic behaviour, tilt angle, and spontaneous polarization
2006: Mechanisms of switching in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal device revealed by time-resolved X-ray scattering
2006: Remarkably wide four-layer smectic phases in mixtures of liquid crystals and highly chiral dopants
2006: Resonant x-ray scattering: a tool for structure elucidation in liquid crystals
2008: Graphene-Based Liquid Crystal Device
2009: Unusual properties of a bent-core liquid-crystalline fluid


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