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Gleeson, Helen

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Gleeson, H.;   Gleeson, Helen F.


Agashkov, Alexander;   Davis, Fredric;   Findon, Alison;   Goodby, John W.;   Grozhik, Vladimir;   Hird, Michael;   Hird, Mike;   Hunte, Carlos;   Keast, Sandra S.;   Li, Jian-Feng;   Lydon, John;   Miller, Richard;   Mills, Jo;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Raoul, Yann;   Rosenblatt, Charles;   Seed, Alex;   Serak, Svetlana;   Shack, Elizabeth A.;   Singh, Upindranath;   Styring, Peter;   Wang, Xin-Yi;   Watson, Samanta;   Yu, Yi-Kuo

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1995: Polymer Liquid Crystals. One day meeting 8 February 1995 London
1996: Cell thickness-induced ferrielectric phases in antiferroelectric/ferrielectric liquid crystals
1997: The physical properties of a series of antiferroelectric hetrocyclic esters
1998: Study of optical switching and reorientation in liquid crystals of homologous series of 4-n-butyl-4'-n-alkoxyazobenzenes
2000: Realignment of a smectic-A phase with applied electric field
2001: Optical activity of a side group cholesteric liquid crystalline silicone
2001: Phase transitions in mixtures of a nematic polymer and chiral nematic liquid crystals which form blue phases
2004: Chirality Issues and Interesting Properties of Achiral and Racemic Materials with Bent Molecular Structures
2005: Optical Bragg Scattering from a Polymer-Stabilized Anti-Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
2005: The Effect of Electric Fields on Selective Reflection in the SmC* Phase of Two Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
2005: The Effect of Polymer Stabilization on Phase Transitions in a Series of Antiferroelectric Heterocyclic Esters


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