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Glatter, Otto

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Glatter, O.


Acharya, Durga P.;   Chiba, Akio;   Degovics, Gabor;   Eastoe, Julian;   Espidel, Youssef;   Grillo, Isabelle;   Guillot, Samuel;   Holasek, Anton;   Hossain, Md. Khalid;   Kostner, Gerhard;   Kratky, Otto;   Kunieda, Hironobu;   Laggner, Peter;   Leser, Martin;   Leser, Martin E.;   Lindner, Helmut;   Mezzenga, Raffaele;   Müller, Karl;   Müller, Karl W.;   Orthaber, Doris;   Pouzot, Matthieu;   Sagalowicz, Laurent;   Salentinig, Stefan;   Salonen, Anniina;   Sato, Takaaki;   Scherf, Günther;   Watzke, Heribert;   Yaghmur, Anan;   Zou, Ai-Hua;   de Campo, Liliana

Publication Titles

1977: Molecular packing and fluidity of lipids in human serum low density lipoproteins
1978: The structure of human-plasma low-density lipoprotein B. An x-ray small-angle scattering study
2000: Synthetic phospholipid analogs: a structural investigation with scattering methods
2003: Dynamic and static properties of the concentrated micellar solution and gel phase of a triblock copolymer in water
2004: Phase Behavior and Self-Organized Structures in Water/Poly(oxyethylene) Cholesteryl Ether Systems
2004: Reversible Phase Transitions in Emulsified Nanostructured Lipid Systems
2005: Emulsified Microemulsions and Oil-Containing Liquid Crystalline Phases
2006: Oil-Loaded Monolinolein-Based Particles with Confined Inverse Discontinuous Cubic Structure (Fd3m)
2007: Determination of Water Content in Internally Self-Assembled Monoglyceride-Based Dispersions from the Bulk Phase
2007: Structural and Rheological Investigation of Fd3m Inverse Micellar Cubic Phases
2008: Photolabile lamellar phases


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